Department of Technologies of Meat, Fish and Marine Products

Address: Generalа Rodimzeva, st. 19, educational corps № 1, кімн. 75, Kyiv, 03041

Tel.: (+38044) 527-88-85

Manager of department (в.о.):
Nataliіa Holembovska

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


      A department is created on the basis of decision of scientific advice from 24.03.2003 № 8, to the order of chancellor of university from 23.04.2003 № 197 and with the aim of strengthening of technological preparation of students of university from disciplines of processing of products of stock-raising and fish-farmings which are laid out to the students of university of different specialities. Manages a department from 2017 PhD, associate professor of Alexander Savchenko.

      After direction of preparation from food technologies and engineering of future specialists prepares the collective of the experienced highly skilled teachers of department, among which 3 professors, doctors of sciences and 19 candidates of sciences, associate professors which have in the achievement over 400 scientific works including 12 textbooks and train aids, work fruitfully, over 50 patents of Ukraine and 150 educational scientific and productive recommendations. On a department considerable attention is spared to research work.

      During studies in an university students get sound theoretical and practical preparation in the newest laboratories equipped by a modern equipment, and also on the leading enterprises of processing industry of food industry.

      A department of Technology of processing and appeal of products of stock-raising and sanitation of processing enterprises is basic educational-scientific subdivision of university after direction «Food technology and engineering» which provides :

  • realization of all types of educational, scientifically-methodical, scientific, cultural and educational works, introduction of results of scientific and technical progress in a production after direction of the activity;
  • training of scientific personnels through graduate student;
  • in-plant training of teachers and specialists of meat and fish industries of production;
  • realization of economic, commercial, international, professionally orientation and other types of activity in accordance with of Regulations of of university and current legislation.
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