Department of Processes and Equipment of Agricultural Production Processing

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      2009 to the department of processes and equipment of processing of products of AIC was named the department of mechanization of processing and storage of agricultural produce which was created in 1994 on the faculty of mechanization of agriculture with the aim of improvement of training of engineering personnels for processing industry and study of processes future engineers-mechanics, machines and equipments which provides the high-quality processing of agricultural produce. Her first manager was an academician of the International academy of sciences, deserved worker of folk formation of Ukraine, marked a labour difference «Sign of honour», high achiever of formation of Ukraine, high achiever of agrarian education and science And degree, professor O.Dacishin in. (1994-2009). From March to August in 2009 a department was temporally headed by of associate professor Viktor Sarana.

       Presently a department is educational-scientific subdivision of double submission : she is included in the structures of Educational-scientific technical institute and Ukrainian educational-scientific institute of quality of bioresources and safety of life. From August in 2009 a department is headed by the high achiever of formation of Ukraine, doctor of engineering sciences, professor of Yurij G. Sukhenko.

       An of department is producing. Beginning of from 1994 on her more than 1000 graduating students of of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine of protected the diploma projects (works) of bachelor, specialist and master's degree. Presently of annually on a department executed 50-60 bachelor diploma projects and 40-50 master's degree works. 
During of the last five years a collective is work out educational-methodical complexes from all disciplines, which are read on a department. The of methodical pointing is worked out also to laboratory works, course and diploma planning. Extended of educational - material base of laboratory of "Processes of and equipment of processing of products of AIC", which allows to study processes, machines and equipments for processing of milk, meat, grain and technical crops, vegetables and fruit.
For more detailed acquaintance of students with technologies and equipment of processing enterprises the teachers of department conduct employment in the laboratories of research economies of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, on the exhibitions of achievements of national economy, and also demonstrate modern technical video films.
Only for 5 last the the specialists of department are give out 5 train aids, 3 monographs, about 50 scientific works are published, more than 15 patents are got. Among them train aids are with the vulture of Department of education and science and Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, and also 5 monographs.
       An of department executes research subjects on the program of of Ministry of of agrarian policy of of Ukraine of and after the initiative programs, sent to the study of processes of processing and food productions, development and improvement of machines and equipment for processing and storage of agricultural produce and optimization of parameters of processing technique, coming from the criteria of of resource of maintenance, reliability and longevity (scientific leaders are professors of of Yurij G. Sukhenko)
  For of development of series of mobile plants for the production of diesel biopropellant from technical vegetable and animal fats collective of department, headed of Yurij G. Sukhenko, on the of International of exhibition of of «Agro-2010» of got of Gilded of youth, and on the exhibition of of «Agro-2011» Gilded youth was awarded with technology of the deep processing of fats in the wide nomenclature of fuel-lubricating materials, lubricating - cool liquids for metal - workingness, raw material for pharmaceutical and perfume industry. 
A mobile plant is for the production of diesel biopropellant from seed-oils, worked out under the direction of Yurij G. Sukhenko, passed state AT and effectively works in Hmelnitskiy,. A fuel answers home and European standards.

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