Department of Production and investment management

Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Heroiv Oborony 11, Str. (building No 10, room 316, 410, 413)

Tel.: (044) 527-80-81

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Lidiia V. Shynkaruk

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Associate member of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine


Good management is art of making problems so interesting

and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants

to get to work and deal with them.

(Paul Hawken)

The Production and Investment Management department was established by the decision of the Academic Council of the National Agrarian University of June 17, 2016, and rector’s order of June 29, 2016. It was done in order to improve the preparation of the specialists in “Management” and optimization of the staff of the studying, scientific and pedagogical work at the Faculty of Agricultural Management.

The necessity of the establishment of the Production and Investment Management department was caused by the need in preparation of the specialists in the investment management of the agro-food sector. The deficit of the mentioned specialists exists today and has been proved by the Ukrainian employers’ demands.

The assignments of the production and investment management department are to form balanced and developed personality as well as a highly qualified specialist.

The defined assignments are to be provided through the research and spreading of the new knowledge, forming of the key competences as well as personal qualities of the competitive, innovative specialists able to implement their knowledge and skills.

The current conditions demand the corrections in the plans of preparing of the specialists in “Management”. It will spread the employment opportunities for the graduates of the Faculty of Agricultural Management as well as it will raise the chances of their career promotion. 

The quality of the professional preparation of the graduates of the Production and Investment Management department is provided due to the permanent improvement of the studying process structure, working out of the new educational products, implementing of the competent approach simultaneously with spreading of both progressive technologies and teaching methodic based on the computing possibilities. 

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department has been formed of the authority teachers-professionals with large experience in practical and scientific work. They are oriented at providing the International standards, enriching the contents of the taught subjects as well as involving the new technologies into their work. They succeed in the organic integration of the fundamental and the practical students’ preparation. 

 The Department is headed by Doctor in Economics, professor, associate member of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine Shynkaruk Lidiia V.

 The staff of the Department provides teaching of the cycle of the managerial disciplines at the Faculty of Agricultural Management, Faculty of Information technologies, Agrobiological Faculty, Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy, Faculty of Law Economic Faculty. In particular such disciplines are taught as investment, strategic, operational management, management of organization, self management, personnel management, logistics, controlling, project management, crisis management etc.

The students have an opportunity of studying several profile disciplines in foreign language.

The Production and Investment Management department initiated the opening of a new educational program “Management of investment activities and international projects”. The studying according to this program was started in September 2017 by twenty students of the educational-professional program of preparation and 10 students of the educational-scientific program of preparation.

Among the disciplines to possess according to the new educational program there are Project management and project-risks management, Project Start-Ups management, Business game “Strategic project management”, Business game “Investment policy in Agricultural sector”, International projects and grants, Forming and development of a project team, Project approach in business, Macroeconomic analysis and investment strategy, The sources of business projects financing etc.

The students in the process of studying and on the example of existing investment projects will study the peculiarities of management of investment activities; obtain practical skills in particularly business planning of an investment project; carrying out a financial analysis of enterprises and defining the directions of investments; estimating of the investment attraction and selecting the best projects.

Simultaneously the future masters have an opportunity of obtaining the double diplomas according to the agreements with Akademia Pomorska in Slupsk, Poland as well as with Foggia University in Italy. The agreements were signed by the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine due to the initiative of the Production and Investment Management department.  

The prior directions of the Department work are:

  • Implementation of the up-to-date interactive forms of studying process (trainings, discussions, disputes etc.)
  • Strengthening of the practical direction of the studying, bringing its content closer to the needs of the social and economic development of the country as well as its agricultural sector including organization of the outside lectures and seminars;
  • Implementation of the best international experience of the specialists’ preparation taking into consideration national peculiarities and traditions;
  • Strengthening of the interactions and communications among the graduates and employers.

The Production and Investment Management department is a graduation organizing department for specialty “Management”



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