Department of patological anatomy

Address: 03041, Kyiv, Potekhin str., 16, building № 12

Tel.: (044) 527-86-17, 527-86-20, 527-86-21

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of department:
Borys V. Borysevich

Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor


It is established from the department of normal and pathological anatomy in 1920. Its first head was professor S.P. Dubrova.
In different times the heads of department were professors P.O. Kucherenko, F.M. Ponomarenko, P.Y. Rogovskiy, associated professor M.K. Potockiy. Since 2001 the head of department is doctor of veterinary sciences, professor B.V. Borisevich. The course of pathological anatomy is taught by associated professors M.M. Omelyanenko, V.V. Lisova, S.Y. Garkusha, N.B. Kolich, assistants N.I. Shestyayeva and Y.K. Serdyukov.
Academic staff of the department had published more that 800 scientific and teaching manuals, received 4 patents.
There is 1 doctor and 30 PhD dissertations defended in the department.
Academic staff of the department direct their potential on pathogenesis and pathomorphology investigations of animal diseases, which are byway, on microstructure of meat and its products, seafood and questions of legal veterinary.

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