Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Control of Agricultural Products

Адреса: Polkovnika Potekhina, st.16, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03041

Тел.: (+38044) 527-89-50

Електронна пошта: [email protected]

Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Control of Agricultural Products :
Bal-Prilipko Larisa Vatslavivna

Doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of sciences of higher education of Ukraine


Larisa Bal-Prilipko was awarded with the State Prize of Ukraine the Order of Princess Olga III degree to celebrate women for outstanding achievements in the state, production, public, scientific, educational, cultural, philanthropic and other spheres of social activity.



Denis Ruden asked the freshmen for their impressions of studying at NUBiP. The conversation took place with the first-year student Taras Didyuk, who studies at the Faculty of Food Technology and quality management of agricultural products.

- Taras, tell me why I decided to become a nurse, because traditionally this profession is chosen by the girls?

- I do not agree. I believe that this is a purely male specialty. The boy must have a technical education. And if you look at the modern priorities in society, people become more closely related to what they consume. As they say, we are what we eat. Therefore, food technologies, certification, quality assurance are currently the most relevant specialty. In addition, graduates often become directors of enterprises, and I do not represent the woman's factory manager. But this is my opinion.

- In your choice, you stopped at our university. What convinced you?

- First, NUBiP know in the Khmelnytsky region, where I come from. Last year, university teachers arrived here, who assured us of the prospects of learning here. I also promoted the Internet, looked at all the universities where they study in my specialty. I would say that other educational institutions do not affect information. Second, our university has good opportunities for passing abroad. Thirdly, a very comfortable campus. Corps and dormitories are close by, you do not have to spend a lot of time on the road, as other students do. Moving from the hostel to the building takes up a maximum of 7 minutes.

- How are you living in a hostel? Is there a feeling of a great family?

- So. To live next to groupmates is a huge advantage. You can always get advice or help with both training and home-based problems. In general, I have been to different hostels of our university and not only. What to say: The hostel is a hostel. It has its own atmosphere. Many of my friends complain about the conditions, but we are all well, not tight, cozy and comfortable. Because order in the head - the order in the room.

- After studying for two months, what impression do you got from university, faculty? Were expectations and expectations justified?

- Impressions are the most positive. It frightened me that it would be difficult to study at the university difficult, it was not a school, but an independent life. I quickly got used to and I say that I like to study here more than at school.

- Is the session likely to make corrections?

- Do not think. The main thing to do is to study beautifully throughout the entire period, and not leave it for later. Before the examinations, I will repeat and write them well. In a word - I'm set to positive.

- Is there a favorite item?

- So. I admire the story. And while we were taught at school, I would love to continue to explore interesting events and facts.

- What is your most memorable event?

- It's hard to isolate something. Each week is full of events. Therefore, the last name in which he took part is Helovin. At such events there is an opportunity to get acquainted with new friends closer, to feel that you are studying at a large university. But the holiday itself, as it seems to me, does not quite correspond to our traditions. It would be pleased to visit KVN.

- Who do you see yourself after receiving a diploma?

- Director Although not everyone has the opportunity to become a leader, but I believe that the Master's degree in NUBiP makes me more competitive as a specialist. Ideally, you want to have your own business. However, I have not yet decided on the field. Learning and practice, I hope, will prompt me what to do. So far, I'm planning to find out how farms and companies work to gain experience in their business.

- Many of your colleagues with whom we communicate, too, want to have their own business. Is it possible to combine the effort? Say what's missing to realize your dream?

- I'll think about it. If you consider study, then there is not enough discipline "How to make money". And seriously, then you must first become a specialist in food technology. This airbag will not leave me unemployed. Then I will look for ways to realize the dream.

Talked Denis Ruden


Faculty of food technologies and quality management of agricultural products is one of the youngest in NUBiP of Ukraine.

Nutrition is an integral part of our lives, which is needed, as the air, which brings a lot of pleasure, makes us able-bodied, healthy and happy. The world has always been the focus of attention in this area, and experts in the field of nutrition and food production have always had and will have a high social status. Nutrition is one of the most popular topics, many talk on radio, TV, and write in glossy magazines.

Recently, the Kyiv region has become one of the leaders among the Ukrainian regions in terms of the intensity of the development of this sphere. The development of the food industry and catering has become one of the priorities of the economy of our region. It is clear that their solution is impossible without highly skilled personnel. Therefore, the Academic Council of NUBiP of Ukraine decided to open the Faculty of Food Technologies and Quality Management of Agro-Industrial Products.

The purpose of the faculty's activity is as follows:

  • professional management of issues of quality, safety, standardization and certification of agricultural products during its production, transportation, processing, storage and sale;
  • creation of ecologically safe technologies of production, processing and storage of agricultural products;
  • creation of modern methods of quality and safety management of raw materials and food products;
  • expansion of the use of alternative types of raw materials and energy sources for obtaining food products;
  • development, improvement and introduction into practice of scientific methods and innovative technologies that would ensure the production of high-quality and safe products;
  • adaptation of curricula and training programs to the conditions of future activity.


     Today, our faculty, specializes in training of qualified personnel for food companies and food industry. 

      Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Control of Agricultural Products aims to:

  • Training of highly qualified specialists.
  • Increasing use of alternative raw materials and energy.
  • Creation of modern methods of quality management.
  • Professional management issues of quality, safety, standardization and certification.
  • Adaptation of curricula and training programs in terms of future performance.
  • Developing, improving and putting into practice of innovative technologies.
  • Ecologically safe technologies of processing and storage development. 


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