Department of Standardization and Certification of Agricultural Products

Address: 03041, Kyiv, str. Polkovnika Potehina, 14, building 12 (block D), rooms 400/1, 400/2.

Tel.: (044) 527-82-78

E-mail: [email protected]

Chair of the department of standardization and certification of agricultural products:


From left to right: senior teacher, Ph.D. Shaposhnik V.M., laboratory assistant Golovatyuk G.S., associate professor, Ph.D. Medvedeva N.A., head department Sukhenko V.Yu., associate professor, Ph.D. Sliva Yu.V., associate professor, Ph.D., secretary of the department Silonova N.B.

The integration of Ukraine into the WTO and the EU needs to improve the existing regulatory framework and its harmonization with international and European requirements. Therefore, our nation needs a new foundation specialists extremely high level of standardization, certification and quality management.

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   The department was established on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of NAU and the order of the rector of the university from June 20, 2001 № 267 to ensure the training of specialists in quality, standardization and certification. The peculiarity of training is openness, multi-vector and multivariate in each area of activity.


   The main areas of research of the department are to address issues related to: harmonization of national standards to the level of international food and technology for its production and processing; improving the requirements of national standards for management systems that would ensure the rational use of resources and meet high requirements for product quality in agricultural production; popularization among manufacturers and specialists of scientific and practical principles of quality management as the basis of systematic and effective development of the industry; improving the procedure for compliance by a third party in order to provide consumers with a true assessment of the object of study.


   During the period 2001–2019, the staff of the department developed more than 50 national standards, of which 45 were adopted and entered into force in Ukraine, the latter are being prepared for publication. During the years of existence of the department 3 textbooks and 9 textbooks with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 27 textbooks, 173 articles, 327 abstracts, 45 methodical instructions on disciplines, more than 250 abstracts (with students) were published.


   Students from Libya, Turkey and Turkmenistan study at the department. Courses of study for foreign students are taught in English.





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