Department of Public health and Nutrition

Address: 16 Vystavkova St., Kyiv, academic building 12, block A

Head of the Department (в.о.):

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor, President of the Ukrainian Dietitians Association, therapist of the highest category, gastroenterologist of the highest category, dietitian of the highest category


The Department of Public Health and Nutrition is a prominent academic division specializing in the research, education, and promotion of public health and proper nutrition. Our students are educated in modern approaches to maintaining and enhancing public health in the face of contemporary challenges and trends.

We advocate for an interdisciplinary research approach, combining knowledge from medicine, biology, sociology, and nutritional sciences. Our faculty members and researchers actively collaborate with healthcare authorities and public organizations, contributing to the resolution of pressing public health issues.

Students from our department acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills by conducting research, participating in field observations, and engaging in internships within real-world contexts. Our aim is to prepare skilled professionals who can make a positive impact on public health and the popularization of a healthy lifestyle.

If you wish to join our department, become part of our innovative community, where we work together to improve the quality of life through health preservation and the promotion of sensible nutrition.


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