We invite you to get qualification in specialty "Social work"

17 квітня 2018 року

We invite you to get qualification in specialty "Social work"

We invite you to get qualification


   Specialty 231 "Social work"

        The specialist is engaged in social-pedagogical assistance, support, protection and rehabilitation of all categories of the population.

   You will work in social work services, centers of social protection and assistance, employment centers, educational institutions, centers of children's education and upbringing, cultural centers and arts schools, social services and clubs, children's and community organizations, care services, services for minorities.

    A specialist can hold positions of a social worker, a social teacher; a child protection inspector; an educator-methodologist; an assistant educator; a social work manager; a teacher-consultant; head of amateur association; head of specialized social service; a cultural organizer of children's and out-of-school establishments; an educator; an organizer of extracurricular educational work; a specialist in social work;  head of a dormitory; head of the mother and the child’s room.


 «Bachelor» programs

The branch of knowledge

Field of study

Licensed number

Normative terms of training (years)

Tuition fee (oriented) for one year of study, UAH












Social work


Social work


(15 budget)


(5 budget)






 «Master» programmes  

The branch of knowledge


Licensed number

Normative terms of training (years)

Tuition fee (oriented) for one year of study, UAH












Social work


- Social pedagogy

- Social and psychological rehabilitation


(15 budget)


(5 budget)






      Social work is a specialized service for care and social protection of individual groups and categories of the population.

      In Europe and the United States, being a social worker is quite profitable and prestigious. Our country is just beginning to overcome the stereotypes in this area.

      A social worker is a qualified consultant and communicator. They skillfully apply the laws of Ukraine, to resolve crises, assist clients to develop programs and mechanisms for dealing with difficult situations.

 They act as influential representatives of state authorities, charitable foundations and organizations regarding social issues.


       Study at the faculty of the Humanities and pedagogy in specialty "Social work" 


                              - Social pedagogy

                              - Social and legal protection of the population

                              - Social and psychological rehabilitation

                              - Practical psychology

      You can obtain two diplomas:

      one is awarded by NULES of Ukraine, 

      the second – by Pomeranian Academy (Slupsk, Poland)



Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk is a modern university in Poland It was founded more than 40 years ago and is located near the Baltic Sea (18 km) in the city of Slupsk. The Academy has three faculties of mathematics and natural sciences, philology and history, pedagogy and philosophy. An agreement on the exchange of students, teachers and scholars between the faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine and the Pomeranian Academy was signed in Slupsk.



  Dear entrants!

     The staff of the department of social pedagogy and information technologies in education  together with colleagues and students invite you to obtain the profession of a social worker, to gain professional knowledge, skills and abilities to provide people with help in solving life problems.

     Social work is one of those professions that support a person when there is no way out. Or, more precisely, when the solution cannot be found by a person alone. Human problems and their solution are the main vector of activity of social workers.

     Social work is inseparable from society and is focused on all its problem stages. Therefore, the demand for social workers will exist as long as there is a society, even in its best prosperity, not mentioning the society in a crisis situation.

    The job of a social worker is challenging but incredibly interesting. It serves for people’s good. It gives hope, defending the rights of those who are ignored by the society and returns them to the community.


     If you are still considering your future – do not hesitate!


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Choose the specialty Social Work as the key objective in your life!



 For Entrants In Specialty "Social Work"!

      In accordance with the Admission Rules for 2018, admission on the basis of complete general secondary education will be based on EIA certificates of 2018, 2017 and 2016 except English, French, German, and Spanish. The EIA certificates in English, French, German, and Spanish obtained in 2018 are accepted ONLY. School graduates of the previous years who wish to get enrolled at our university must take the EIA this year.

    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this year it will be possible to submit up to seven applications in four specialties for state budget admission.

     The number of applications for specialties which are not for state budget admission are not limited.

    When applying the entrant must indicate the priority of the specialties, that is, the entrant must indicate the order of specialties and educational institutions chosen: priority number 1 is the application for a chosen specialty in a specific higher educational institution where you want to study the most. Remember that you are giving priority to higher educational institutions and specialties.

     The submission of applications and documents for study starts on June, 12, 2018

                       The list of subjects for entrance:

                 1. Ukrainian language and literature;

                 2. History of Ukraine;

                 3. Foreign language, Mathematics (one chosen by applicant).      

                         The submission of applications and documents for study starts on July, 12, 2018

                 List of documents.

                 List of specialties.

                 Terms of entrance campaign

                 Terms of submission of documents

                       The minimal scores in contest subjects that allow you to take part in competition:

                Ukrainian language and literature – 100 scores.

                •the second subject – 100 scores for all specialties.

                •the third subject (optional) – 100 scores.

You have an opportunity to study two specialties simultaneously at our university!

    The students who have been successfully doing Bachelor degree for at least one year have an opportunity to do bachelor's degree in another specialty (field of study). They will be enrolled for the second year of study within the limits of vacant places according to the licensed number. The tuition fee for such students is paid by legal entities and individuals.

The Benefits Of Study At National University Of Life And Environmental Science of Ukraine!   

-  double diploma at NULES of Ukraine and a foreign university (Pomeranian academy in Slupsk (Poland);

- get qualifications in a few specialities;

- internship abroad (Poland, France, Italy, China);

- advanced study of foreign languages and international certificate of foreign languages;

- shorten term of study;

- obtain military speciality at the military department of the university and get the primary military title of junior lieutenant;

- research work with the prospect of postgraduate study;

- assistance with employment of graduates with high salary;

- work in the bodies of student self-government;

- Good location of the university on the territory of Holosievo Park - the picturesque area of Kiev;

- compact campus - quality accommodation in the faculty dormitory;

- the use of updated educational material base and information technologies via the information and training portal of NULES of Ukraine;

- possibility of study on a state budget program in the specialty "Social work" and by contract in other specialties after the first year of study at the university;

        Social work - providing social protection to individuals and social groups, development of social projects and planning of the modern socio-psychological process, organization of social assistance bodies; management in the field of social work; correction and counseling activities (behavior, communication, crisis situations, social rehabilitation and adaptation) coordination and provision of social and medical services, charitable organization; personnel counseling and administration.  

           The Key Positions Our Graduates Can Occupy After Graduation

        - Teacher of social and pedagogical disciplines in higher educational institutions;

                     - organizer of extracurricular and educational work with children;

                     - the head of the (youth, rehabilitation, correctional, etc.) center;

                     - the head of the (methodical, resource, etc.) cabinet;

                     - educator-methodologist;

                     - child protection inspector;

                     - Social Worker;

                     - social pedagogue;

                     - rehabilitation specialist;

                    - State inspector of social and educational sphere;

                      - specialist of the social service department;

                      - HR - manager;

                      - practicing psychologist;

                      - sociologist-researcher;

                      - social project service manager;

                      - manager of social PR-technologies;

                      - specialist in the development of social projects;

                       - teacher in secondary schools;

                       - an analyst of consolidating social information.

            The Places of Employment for Graduates :

 • bodies of state and regional management;

                     • state employment centers;

                     • departments of social protection of the population;

                     • public and charitable organizations;

                     • territorial centers of social services for the population;

                     • sociological, psychological and rehabilitation centers;

                     • Personnel services in public and commercial organizations;

                     • advertising agencies and departments;

                     • recruiting companies;

                     • crewing companies;

                     • media services.

The main tasks that graduates of our university solve in the future:

                     • plan the work of social / human resources services;

                     • develop a policy of social development of the personnel of an organization;

                     • manage the development of social projects;

                     • carry out social-psychological counseling in different directions;

                     • carry out applied research and development in the field of humanitarian and

                        social problems; to organize and conduct advertising and PR campaigns;

                     • use innovative technology to assist individual

                       categories of the population and various social groups.


   To get detailed information call

527-80-73 or email: [email protected]

The doors of our department are open every day! 

Coordinator-consultant on admission to the specialty "Social work"

   We will be glad to consult you on all questions about enrollment to the educational institution (documents, admission rules, EIA, specialty) and will help you to pass professionally-oriented diagnostics to identify your professional interests and inclinations taking into account your individual features.


email: [email protected]

welcome to our department:

Address 03041, Kyiv, Heroiv Oborony St., 15, academic building 3, room 07

Working days from 8:30 to 17:00.

admission rules on  https://nubip.edu.ua/node/30

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