Separated subdivision of NUBiP of Ukraine «Zalishchyky State Agricultural College named after E. Khraplyvy»

International activity

Zalishchyky Agricultural College widens the borders not only with national but also international cooperation, which aims -  study the experience of experts training, in informations exchange with the latest educational technology, creating conditions for training abroad, participation in various programs, improing work efficiency and strengthening existing partnerships.

College is developing cooperation in the following areas:

- Conducting days of test varieties and days of field for a cooperation program with the French seed company "Tezier" Czech seed company "Moravosid" American company United Genetics (USA) by Nong Woo Bio (South Korea) and others in the field of vegetable growing;

- Exchange of students and teachers as part of partnership with Union Field crops Schools (c. Namysliv, Poland), with educational institutions commune Kosice (Poland) and the Netherlands;

- Cooperation International scientific conferences on research and research work of students and teachers;

- Organization of training college students in Germany and Austria for programs NUofL&ES of Ukraine, training in Denmark for the program for young farmers Union of Ukraine.

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