Separated subdivision of NUBiP of Ukraine «Zalishchyky State Agricultural College named after E. Khraplyvy»

Адреса: 48600 Ternopil region, Zalishchyky, Krushelnycka str., 52.

Тел.: (03554) 2-12-32, 2-12-50




   The history of Zalishchyky College is closely related to the horticultural school which was opened in Zalishchyky in 1900. In 1945 at its base Zalishchyky agricultural school, is created  where agronomists training  was carried out . And in 1988, when the new building was built, the college has been joined Kopychyntsi agricultural school of accounting.
    In 1997 College on the human entity became a member of the
National Agrarian University, and in 2001 he it was named by Professor Ye. Khraplyvyy,  the organizer of the cooperative movement in Galicia.
November 7, 2004 the institution solemnly celebrated its 100th anniversary.

    Educational establishment of the 1-st and 2-nd levels of accreditation
Founded - 1900
License AB № 586130 from 28.07.2011r.
Separated Subdivision of the
National University of Environmental and Life Sciences of Ukraine  "Zalishchyky Agrarian College by Ye. Khraplyvyy" invites to study in 2012.
Qualifying level: junior specialist, bachelor.
Forms of education: full-time and part-time.

   Directions of preparation (specialities): full-time education

Based on 9 and 11 forms (education level "Junior specialist")
"Finances and Credit";
"Economics of  enterprise";
 "Commercial activity";
"Production and processing of crop growing";
 "Organization and technology of farming";
"Applied Ecology";
"Maintenance of computer systems and networks."

  Based on 11 forms and on the basis of EQL "Junior specialist" (educational-qualifying levels "bachelor")
 "Accounting and Auditing";

    Part-time form of education:
Based on 11 classes (education level "Junior specialist")
"Production and processing of crop growing";
"Economics of enterprise";
"Commercial activity";
"Applied Ecology"
"Organization and technology of farming"

   Based on EQL "Junior specialist" (Educational qualification "Bachelor")
"Accounting and Auditing";

   Graduates of the 9th forms pass entrance exams.
Graduates of the 11th forms submit certificates of the Ukrainian Center of Assessment  of Quality of Education.

   All students are provided with a dormitory. The college operates: the gym, 6 computer laboratories, a library with access to the World Wide Web.

   Along with the major speciality, students in the college can simultaneously receive second speciality, to study a foreign language and to acquire additional trades such as:
• Typing operator;
• lab of chemical and bacteriological analysis;
• car driver of the category "A1", "B", "CI";
• shop assistant;
• florist.
• tractor-driver;

   College students have the opportunity to undergo training in
Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and in the best farms and enterprises of the region.

Address of the institution:
Ternopil region., Zalishchyky,
52 Krushelnytska str.
tel. 2-12-50, 2-19-76, 2-21-79, 2-17-97, 2-28-97

College Web site:

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