Faculty of Construction and Design

Scientific work

The faculty of construction and design is known by scientific schools of professors Loveykin V.S., Bulgakov V.M., Boyko A.I., Chausov M.G., Pylypak S.F., Aftandilyants E.G.

The Department of Machine and Equipment Design has developed traffic control systems for lifting and transporting machines. This allows you to: reduce the intensity of the operators of these machines, improve their handling, increase durability and energy efficiency. Modern equipment (Cortex microcontrollers, Mitsubishi Electric frequency converters, Autonics sensors, etc.) and software were used to develop the control systems.

The Department of Construction Materials Technology and Materials Science has established cooperation with the University. Fields Sabatier (France). Within the framework of a joint research project, the development of technologies for obtaining and studying the properties of the latest nanomaterials is being carried out.

The department cooperates with the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in the field of spectroscopy. The results of this work have been supported at international conferences and symposia.

At the Department of Mechanics, for the first time in world practice, experiments are conducted and the theory of dynamic unbalanced processes in relation to structural materials is developed. The result of the research is an increase in the plate deformation of the alloy VT 22 in 2.75 times, and the alloy VT 23 by 30 ... 35% with almost no deterioration of strength properties.

Employees of the Department of Reliability of Technology perform research in the field of improving the reliability and management of the process of wear of elements of agricultural machinery and mechanisms.

The Department of Descriptive Geometry, Computer Graphics and Design is developing areas: the study of the trihedron and Frenet formulas in the problems of constructing lines and surfaces and the movement of a material point on them; computer models of synthetic geometry and their applications; geometric modeling of heat transfer processes in agricultural facilities.

In close cooperation of the Department of Construction with the enterprise OJSC "Combine of Construction Industry" (Kyiv) developed and prepared for production reinforced concrete pipes Ø400 mm and Ø600 mm and wall rings Ø1000 mm to replace existing with rod reinforcement (calculated, selected warehouses of materials, conducted ).

The faculty is one of the leaders in NULES of Ukraine in the field of obtaining copyright documents. Patent developments are implemented in various sectors of the agricultural sector, industry and construction.

There is a design bureau at the faculty. One of the latest developments of DB is a mobile medical container for the needs of anti-terrorist operation.

The faculty prepares candidates and sciences in the field of technical sciences in the following specialties: machines and means of agricultural mechanization. production; Biotechnology (technical sciences); Applied geometry, engineering graphics; Technical aesthetics; Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals; Building structures, buildings and structures; Lifting and transport machines. Prepared dissertations are defended annually.

Every year on the basis of the Faculty of Construction and Design are held international and national conferences ("Kramarov readings", "Obukhov readings", "Problems and prospects of technical and bioenergy systems of nature: construction and design", "Scientific achievements of students in research of technical and bioenergy systems of nature" : construction and design ", conference" Poles in Ukraine: ways and destinies "). Research and teaching staff take an active part in international conferences held at universities in Ukraine and abroad.

To popularize their scientific results and implement them in production, the faculty staff annually takes an active part in international exhibitions: Grain technologies; AGRO; AGROFORUM; Kyiv Technical Fair; Design, construction, repair; Techno drive; Energy efficiency; International Industrial Forum; AgroExpo; Intertechexpo; GreenExpo; LabComplIEX.

At exhibitions, cooperation is established with agricultural companies and leading domestic farms. During the exhibitions, teachers get acquainted with the latest models of agricultural machinery, evaluate their work in the field, study trends in modern agricultural technologies.


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