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Sports and mass work


The university pays great attention to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle both among students and among research and teaching staff and staff by involving them in regular physical activity and participation in physical culture and sports activities.

By getting an education, students of the faculty have the opportunity to develop their sports skills and improve their achievements. In 2018, the championship of Ukraine among adults with Kyokushin Karate in the "kumite" section took place in Chernomorsk. Oleksandr Svinarenko, a student of the faculty, won the final of the competition.

In May 2018, the European Kyokushin Karate Championship (WKO ShinKyokushinkai) among adults and juniors took place in Wroclaw (Poland).

     Oleksandr Svinarenko, a third-year student of the Faculty of Design, took part in these competitions. Alexander competed among adult men 18+ in the category of 65-75 kg. This category scored the largest number of athletes (28), he played 4 matches. In the semifinal and final match he won ahead of schedule.

The faculty team took 2nd place in football competitions among university students

Competitions in mini-football among students of all courses of faculties of Construction and design and Mechanical and technological

Students of the faculty are active participants in sports competitions in the following sports: basketball, wrestling, weightlifting, volleyball, weightlifting, athletics, table tennis, football, arm wrestling, powerlifting.

Chess and checkers tournaments at the faculty level

Arm wrestling competitions among university students

Cyborg football competitions                        Basketball competitions

Table tennis competitions among the residents of the dormitory №5

Gyms in the dormitory №5

At the Department of Physical Education, students under the guidance of experienced teachers-coaches join classes in many sports - football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, freestyle and classical wrestling, karate Kyokushin, aikido, orienteering, chess, table tennis and others. Students who achieve high sports results in national and international competitions are awarded sports ranks and titles.

     Nagorny V.V.                             Savluk O.V.                     Vysochin V.S.

KMS in weightlifting                  MS in rowing          MS with bench press

Students who became co-authors of the record in weightlifting, which is entered in the book of records of Ukraine in the category "Mass events, marathons", also study at the faculty. Athletes from different regions of Ukraine, including a student of the faculty Nagorny Vitaliy, performed an exercise - a jerk of 24 kg for one minute with his left and right hand. Without placing on the platform, the weight was passed from hand to hand to subsequent athletes to perform the exercise. The total number of ascents is 4167 times. The total lifted weight is 100 tons. Time spent 2 hours. 48 min.



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