Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Quality of Plant Products named in honor of O.I. Dushechkin

Address: Heroiv Oborony str., 17 Kyiv, 03041

Tel.: (044) 527-88-17

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Anatoliy V. Bykin

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor


The department is a structural unit of the agrobiology faculty, conducts all types of educational, scientific, scientific-methodical, cultural-educational work in the process of training specialists of the educational degrees "Bachelor" and "Master"; implements the results of scientific work in the field of crop production of the agro-industrial complex; conducts the training of scientific personnel through postgraduate and doctoral studies; organizes practical training of students, conducting educational work with students and students of the University, carries out other activities in accordance with the Statute of NUBiP of Ukraine.

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Department. A 100-year journey
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master program
Presentation Masters' program "Agrochemical Service in Precision Agricuktural Production"
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History of the department
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Scientific, pedagogical and teaching staff of the Department of Agrochemistry and Quality of Crop Production


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