Department of Crop Growing

Address: 03041, Kyiv, str. Heroiv Oborony, 13, building № 7, r. 8b

Tel.: (044) 527-85-08, 527-86-26, 527-85-08

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of the Department:
Kalenska Svetlana Mikhailovna

Doctor of Agricultural , professor, corresponding member of NAAS of Ukraine


 Department of Plant started its educational and methodological work in the agricultural department of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1898 as one of the leading departments of agronomy department.

Management Department conducted
o Professor PR Slozkin (1899-1919);
o Professor V. Koltunov (1918-1921);
o academician NK Malyushytskyy (1921-1932);
o Academician VP Zhyvan (1935-1941);
o Associate Professor VD Sakai (1944-1946);
o Corresponding Member of TT Ukraine Demidenko (1946-1958);
o Professor MA Zelensky (1959-1960);
o Professor MG Horodniy (1961-1982);
o Prof. MA Bilonozhko (1982-1991);
o Professor AS Ustymenko (1991-1995);
o Associate DM Alimov (1995 - 1998);
o Corresponding Member UAAS S.P.Tanchyk Ukraine (1999-2002);
o Professor SM Kalensky (2002-Present).

Professor Peter Rodionovich Slozkin - one of the first organizers of the agricultural department KPI and the first head of the department of crop, headed for 20 years. His scientific work has been devoted to studying such important issues as methods in crop improvement of soil fertility, the use of rational systems fertilizing crops and improving the technology of cultivation. One of the significant achievements is the organization of Ukraine's first seed control station.
Professor Nicholas K. Malyushytskyy - follower of the scientific ideas of Professor PR Slozkina, an extension of the theoretical and practical research on topical issues crop. He was elected Academician of Belarus.
Significant contribution to the development of agricultural science to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War was made prominent national scientists professors KI Pavlovsky and VP Zhyvanom who led the department in a difficult period of the reform of agricultural production. Their research focused on improving crop production in emerging economies - collective and state farms, and educational activities - to prepare agronomic personnel capable of successfully conduct field crop.
Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor T. Demidenko, an outstanding scientist and physiologist, agrochemist and Growers, headed the Department of extensive work in-depth study of the physiological bases and agrochemical supply grain, industrial and forage crops, management of growth, development and productivity, efficient processing methods of high potential yield. Professor T. Demidenko attached great importance to the training of scientific and pedagogical staff. His graduate students were the future professors of agronomy faculty - VI Moiseenko, MA Bilonozhko, DC Ustymenko, Associate Professor LM Bakht, GG Barb, MI Buchanan, who continued to creatively explore and further develop the ideas of his teacher.
Professor Nicholas G. Horodniy - research department staff directed to develop rational elements of progressive technologies of growing crops. With the creation of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Horodniy MG was transferred from the main management science Department of Agriculture to the USSR Academy as head of the department of crop and, several years later, Nicholas G. became head of the department of crop this academy. With extensive experience in scientific activities Gorodnya MG From 1961 to 1974 he headed the dean of the Faculty of Agronomy. Over a long period of work at the head of the Department Professor MG Horodniy trained 25 doctors and candidates of Agricultural Sciences. His former students - AL Skryplov, PI Bondarenko, O. Shevchuk, Yu.V.Shelestov who have worked and are working on faculty lecturers.
Professor Michael Arsenovych Bilonozhko - the graduate faculty of Agronomy Agricultural Institute. The scientific activity continued research and theoretical development of his scientific advisor Professor T. Demidenko. Carried out at the Department of management studies in the study and improvement of the technological elements of intensive technologies in the areas of AC radionuclide contamination of soil on a theoretical rationale and design elements biologization technologies, improving structure corn, sugar beets, winter and spring wheat, buckwheat.
During his time at the department trained 19 candidates and 4-doctor of agricultural sciences. Among his former graduate students at the Department of
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor AS Ustymenko - graduate Agronomy Faculty KAI. The main activity was to study the morphology, anatomy and physiological roles of root systems in the mineral nutrition of crops, crops - corn, wheat, grasses and others.
According to the research Professor AS Ustymenko received over 10 certificates, prepared 5 candidates Agricultural Sciences including docents MJ Dmytryshak and MI Hrystyna.
Professor Dmitri Alimov - a graduate of the Faculty of Agronomy and former postgraduate student crop. Known as the developer uniformly dispersed method of sowing grain and industrial crops and their means of implementation. Has 9 copyright certificates on inventions, the author of the textbook and 6 tutorials for students of agricultural universities.
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences Simon P. Tanchyk - graduate Agronomy Faculty, Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy (2000-2002 years), Director of the Institute of Plant and Soil Science (2002-2005 years), author of over 160 scientific papers, - 8 monographs. Continued research IV Veselovsky, development and improvement of methods of primary tillage in corn and protection of crops from weeds in the steppes of Ukraine. He prepared 5 candidates Agricultural Sciences.

Head of Department - Kalenska Svetlana M. - professor, doctor of agricultural Sciences, corresponding member of NAAS of Ukraine. Research focused on the development and implementation of adaptive, resource-and energy-saving technology of growing winter crops. By 10 candidates Agricultural Sciences and now under her leadership is preparing two doctoral students and 14 graduate students. Author and co-author of about 220 publications, of which 15 books, 155 articles in scientific and practical publications, 11 JMA on technologies cereals, industrial and forage crops, 9 and 9 harmonizatsovanyh ISO standards ISO; textbook "Plant" (2005); manuals "Crop. Practice "(2010)," Grassland "(2010)," Seed and methods for determining the quality of seed crops "(2011), 32 scientific and methodical publications are successfully used in the production, research and learning process.

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