Department of Crop Growing

Educational work

 Department of Plant prepares professionals for EQL "Bachelor" at faculties NUBiP Ukraine:
 agrobiological,
 plant protection
 Land Management and Cadastre
 Economic,
 Agricultural Management
 electrification and automation of agricultural production;
 Pedagogy
 Education
 Institute for Continuing Education
colleges NUBiP Ukraine:
 Nemishaevo agrotechnical
 Bobrovitsky agro-economic
 Mukachevo agricultural
The department conducted training level "Master" program:
 «Managing forming productivity of crops" (research focus)
 «Production and marketing of cereals", "Production and marketing of products crops" (production orientation)
The list of subjects for EQL "Bachelor":
1. Crop,
2. Industrial crops,
3. Seedscience,
4. Weather and programming yields of crops,
5. The technology of crop production
for OCD "Master":
1. Technological and marketing principles of crops
2. Technological and marketing principles of industrial crops,
3. Seed and methods for determining the quality of seed crops
4. Stability theory agricultural systems,
5. Seed and methods for determining the quality of seed crops,
6. Methods and organization of research in agriculture
7. Biological bases of crop
8. Systems of modern intensive technologies
9. World agricultural technologies,
10. Innovative technologies in agriculture
11. Fitoenerhetyka,
12. Energy and raw plant resources
13. Ecology of crops,
14. Theoretical foundations and agrotechnical crop
15. Biometrics.
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