Department of Crop Growing

Educational and scientific research laboratories

Structure of the Department


To perform research used logistic base Department plant growing:
Educational, scientific and industrial laboratory "Crop" in the OP NUBiP Ukraine "Agronomicheskaya Research Station" (Kiev region, Vasilkovsky district,. Wheat), which conducts research on development of new and improvement of existing elements of technology growing field crops (photo):



Certified (№ PT-0359/03) scientific training laboratory "quality seeds and planting material" (pictured) is subject to Ukrainian Laboratory of Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products, where they spent analyzing crop quality seeds and planting material of crops under existing domestic and EN harmonized foreign ISO:



Research Laboratory "Analytical studies in plant", whose main task is to conduct analytical research in plant and soil samples definitions including: determination of chemical parameters NPK soil and plant dry matter, starch, fiber, sugars, vitamin "C "chlorophyll, nitrates organic acids, etc.:



Medical and nursery crops fitoenerhetychnyh VP NUBiP Ukraine "ADS", where they study collection types single and multi-cultures - alternative sources of plant material for the production of biofuels (photo):



Educational Laboratory "Marketing and technology of growing crops":



Educational Laboratory "Marketing and technology growing crops":


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