Department of Ecobiotechnology and Biodiversity

Educational practice

Students of the third year of biotechnology faculty NUBiP of Ukraine in the period from 2.07.12 to 7.07.12 passed educational practice from the discipline "Industrial Biotechnology", which is taught at the department of ecobiotechnology and biodiversity under the guidance of Associate Professor V.V. Boroday.
During practice, students studied the process of biotechnological production of biologics Trihodermin-P and Gaupsin in the laboratory of microbiological method of the plant protection in the Institute of Plant Protection NAAS of Ukraine (lab. chief candidate of Agricultural Sciences Tkalenko G.M.); researches in impact of culture conditions on the producers physiological activity.
There was also an excursion to the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Biotechnology of alcohol and food resources. Students were familiarized with the basic directions of activity of the fermentation products technology and microbial synthesis laboratory (sector of microbiology and microbial synthesis and alcohol technology sector – chief of fermentation products technology and microbial synthesis dept., senior research assistant Protsan N.V.). Employees of the Institute presented the main works carried out at the institute: resource efficient low-waste fermentation technologies of molasses wort into alcohol, progressive energy-saving technology and co-production of baker's yeast alcohol from molasses, energy-saving technology of large-tonnage production of ethanol from ethanol-raw, energy-saving plant for the production of bio-ethanol distillation and combination adsorption processes, waste water distilling plants, utilization of after-ethanol and molasses grains with biogas production as an alternative fuel, development of project-technical documentation for reconstruction, technical re-equipment, construction of alcohol liquor and yeast industry plants with the introduction of effective scientific advances developed in Institute.
In addition, students were familiarized with the processes of the research quality and safety parameters of food products, food raw materials, accessory food substance, identification of counterfeit products, certification of end products, normative and technical documentation.
There was an excursion to the Institute of Food Resources NAAS of Ukraine, where a senior researcher of the Biotechnology Department, Candidate of Technical Science Danilenko S.G familiarized students with the bank of commercially valuable microorganisms for its usage in biotechnology of dairy and meat products and animal feed; conditions of separation from natural environment and studies of probiotic strains biological properties – antagonism in relation to pathogenic and industrially unsafe microorganisms; principles of microorganisms growth on various nutrient media, growth kinetics characteristics in a monoculture and association, process parameters influence on the development of mono- and multiple strain compositions for the creation of a new inoculation preparation technologies, development of processing regimes and development of a new inoculation preparation technologies for dairy drinks, sour cream, cheese and feed; evaluation of raw materials as a source of phage infection and screening of non- lysogenic and phage-resistant strains of industrial microorganisms cultures; observation of the development of starter microorganisms in the process of biochemical changes in the various dairy products production process, cheeses, fermented meat products.
There was also an excursion to the open joint-stock society BROVARY-MOLOKO, where the production manager Shendrik V.I. told about basic biotechnological processes that take place in the production of milk products, with the department for separation of milk, laboratory for the preparation of starter cultures for the fermentation of the milk line and the formation of hard pressed cheese, tank and thermostatic method of dairy products production, line for the butter production.
In addition, students are familiarized with the basic biotechnological developments, research departments and laboratories of the Microbiology and Virology Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


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