Department of Heat and Power Engineering

Educational and Methodical Activity

 The task of the department in educational activities is:

• organization of the educational process aimed at training highly qualified specialists who must organically combine high general education with deep theoretical and professional knowledge, be widely erudite on issues of world and national culture, have the skills of continuous spiritual and physical improvement, individual and collective professional activity, as well as social work;
• ensuring the development and improvement of educational documentation in accordance with modern requirements of the educational process and trends in the development of the Institute of Energy, Automation and Energy Saving;
• creation, systematic updating and improvement of the educational and laboratory base, methods of experimental research and technical means of teaching, computerization and informatization of the educational process;
• studying the experience of leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine and the world;
• participation (under proper personnel and material conditions) in the licensing work of the first (Вachelor's), second (Master's) and third (Doctor of philosophy) level of the field of knowledge 14 – Electrical Engineering, specialties 141 "Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics" and 144 "Heat and power engineering";
• supporting and expanding the bases of industrial practice and performing final qualification works of students in Ukraine and the world;
• promoting the introduction and improvement of the latest forms and methods of organizing the educational process;
• preparation of part of special courses for teaching in a foreign (English) language;
• involvement in the educational process and in working with students of leading specialists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
We provide students with a modern training base with high-tech laboratories, which are equipped with modern samples of power equipment of world-famous manufacturers.
The department has 5 educational laboratories, where classes are held in various disciplines at 5 faculties:
- laboratory of energy saving and non-traditional energy sources (room 337, building 11);
- hydraulics laboratory (room 355, building 11);
- laboratory of thermodynamics and heat and mass transfer (room 356, building 11);
- laboratory of heat supply (room 103, building 11);
- laboratory of bioenergy systems (room 105, building 11).
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