Department of Heat and Power Engineering


 Our department conducts classes at 5 faculties with students of 12 specialties. All disciplines are provided with methodological developments, textbooks, the vast majority of which are prepared by teachers of the department.

Work programs of disciplines:
   Specialty 141 – "Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics"
Fundamentals of heat engineering and hydraulics
Fundamentals of heat engineering
Power equipment of power plants
Heat and power plants and systems
Energy saving and alternative energy sources
Specialty 151 - «Automation and computer-integrated technologies»
Heat engineering and hydraulics
Specialty 187 – "Woodworking and furniture technologies"
Fundamentals of heat engineering
Specialty 181 – "Food Technologies"
Heat engineering
Specialty 208 – "Agroengineering"
Hydraulics Heat engineering
Energy saving and renewable energy sources
Specialty 133 - "Industrial engineering"
Electrical engineering, hydraulics and heat engineering
Water supply and sanitation 
Specialty 144 – "Heat and Power Engineering"
Introduction to the specialty
Technical thermodynamics
Gas supply
Basics of heat and mass transfer processes
Heating networks
Heat and power plants and systems
Thermal power plants
Alternative sources of thermal energy
Electronics, microcircuit and processor technology
Energy audit of heat and energy consumption facilities
Basics of operation and repair of power equipment
Accumulation of thermal and electrical energy
Energy-saving technologies and use of energy resources
Fundamentals of scientific research
Diagnostics and maintenance of power equipment
Modelling of transfer processes and hydrodynamics
OS "Master"
Specialty 181 – "Food Technologies"
Heat supply of meat processing enterprises
Heat supply of fish processing enterprises
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