Education and Research Institute of Energetics, Automation and Energy Efficiency

Address: 12 Heroyiv Oborony str., Kiev, 03041 Ukraine

Tel.: +38 044 527 85 80



Education and Research Institute of Energetics and Automatics (ERIEA) trains highly qualified specialists in the field of energy and automation on the basis of modern education standards developed in accordance with the requirements of international educational programs. ERIEA provides with the specialists public and private sectors.
Scientific and innovative concept of the ERIEA is creation state-of-the-art electric means, electrotechnologies, automation systems, robotics, alternative power systems and their widespread introduction into the national economy.

ERIEA training directions:
- Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
- Energy and Electrical Systems in Agriculture
- Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies

ERIEA Master specialities:
- Automated Process Control
- Energy in Agricultural Production
- Electrification and Automation in Agriculture

ERIEA PhD and doctorate programmes:
- Automation of Control Processes
- Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems


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