Education and research institute of Energetics, Automatics and Energy saving

Address: 12 Heroyiv Oborony str., Kyiv, 03041 Ukraine

Tel.: +38 044 527 85 80

E-mail: [email protected]

Viktor V.Kaplun

Professor, doctor of technical sciences


  The Educational and Research Institute of Energetics, Automatics  and Energy Saving as a structural unit of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine was created to train highly qualified specialists in energy and automation based on modern educational standards for public and private sectors of the economy.

Over its 88-year history, Educational and Research institute has trained about 16,000 power engineers and automation engineers.
We are proud of the glorious graduates, among them are ministers, chairmen of the largest energy companies in Ukraine, heads of world-famous companies in the energy sector and other industries.
Our institute gives you the opportunity to get an education in two double degree programs, which during your studies give you the opportunity to receive bachelor and master degrees NULES of Ukraine and European standard.
The scientific and innovative concept of the institute is to create the latest power tools, electrical technologies, automation systems, robotics, alternative power systems and their widespread introduction into production.


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