Department of Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics and Electrotechnology

Address: Heroiv Oborony Str.12, building 8, of. 1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03041

Tel.: 044 527 87 84

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Oleksandr Okushko

candidate of engineerings sciences, associate professor


The department carries out preparation of bachelors and masters in specialty 141 "Power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics".
The educational process is provided by 19 scientific and pedagogical workers, of whom 3 are professors (3 doctors of technical sciences), 13 associate professors and assistants (including  14 Ph. D.).

The staff of the department in 2022. From left to right: first row: associate professor V. Korobskyi, associate professor D. Sorokin, D. Babak, I. Kuksa, assistant H. Krugliak, associate professor R. Chuenko, professor L. Chervinskyi, associate professor I. Radko,  professor M. Zablodskyi, associate professor A. Bereziuk, associate professor S. Usenko, associate professor V. Savchenko, associate professor V. Vasiuk; second row: assistant O. Sanchenko, professor A. Chmil, E. Pliachenko, post. grad. U. Olijnyk, head of department O. Okushko, O. Nychai, associate professor O. Syniavskyi, associate professor V. Nalyvaiko.

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