Establishing Cooperation with Greece foto

May 22, 2015

     On May 22, on the initiative of the Dean of Humanitarian and Pedagogical Department Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk the delegation of scientists, public figures and producers of Greece made a friendly visit to the University and Department. 

Professor of the Ohio State University Standly Thompson visited the Department of Economics foto

May 18, 2015

     One of the priorities of the program of developing the University "Holosiivska Initsiatyva 2020" is the expansion of international activities to ensure the competitiveness of our university in education. 

Deepening Cooperation with the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland) foto

May 15, 2015

     As part of implementing the University development program "Holosiivska Initsiatyva-2020" and the cooperation agreement, the delegation of Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland) headed by the vice-rector of the European programs and cooperation with economy Professor Zbigniew Osadovskyi visited the University. 

Faculty of livestock and aquatic biological resources is strengthening relations with Turkmenistan foto

April 27, 2015

     At the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan and on behalf of the Rector Stanislav Nikolaenko the delegation of the department of livestock and aquatic biological resources consisting of a department dean Vadym Kondratiuk, Professor of horse breeding and beekeeping department Borys Hopko 

Lecturers and students have improved knowledge of French foto

April 6, 2015

     Unfortunately, all good and interesting things tend to end.... So our intensive French language courses came to an end too. On April 3 there was the presentation of certificates, which turned into a real holiday, report concert of our success. 

A student from Ghana James Brown: I want to work on the land and with the land... foto

April 4, 2015

     49 students from 13 different countries study in NULES of Ukraine today. What pushes them to choose exactly our university? How do they study and live here? We talked about this with a first-year student of the agrobiological department, the citizen of Ghana Kwai James Brown. 

An agreement on the recruitment of students from the Middle East is signed foto

April 3, 2015

     As the part of the realization of development program of the university "Holosiivska Initsiatyva” - 2020" the delegation of the University of Science and Technology of Miyer (Egypt) led by vice-chancellor professor Mahmoud El Diri recently visited our University. 

Cooperation with the Turkish Gediz University is initiated foto

April 7, 2015

     The delegation of Gediz University (Izmir, Turkey) headed by the chancellor and professor Seyfullah Chevik made a friendly visit to our university.  

Researchers of biosensory laboratory expand the scope of international cooperation foto

March 3, 2015

     The biosensory laboratory continues taking a proactive stance in the international cooperation and research activities, as you can see from regular trainings and visits of young scientists to world leading universities. 

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine joins to the solution of problems of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine foto

March 8, 2015

     Our University – is a leading research institution of higher education of an agrarian specialization and therefore we can't stand away from the problems of the agrarian and industrial complex of Ukraine. 

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