IAEA continued cooperation with NULES foto

July 19, 2015

     International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine continued for another year the action of a scientific-research agreement «Environmental Behavior and Biological Impact of Chernobyl Radioactive Particles». 

Cooperation agreement with the Technical University of Georgia is signed foto

July 18, 2015

     Within the visit to Georgia the University delegation met with the leadership of the Georgian Technical University. 

Cooperation with the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Georgia is initiated foto

July 17, 2015

     On the first day of their visit to the University of Georgia the delegation headed by rector Stanislav Nikolaenko visited the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Georgia, where the acquaintance with its structure and main activities took place.  

University scientists discussed the European integration processes in the fishing industry in the city of Batumi (Georgia) foto

July 16, 2015

     Recently the city of Batumi (Georgia) hosted the first international scientific conference "Modern Management: Problems, Hypothesis, Research." 

The National FSC office in Ukraine is opened in the University foto

July 15, 2015

     On July 15, on the territory of the 1st academic building, under a tree of a well-known forester Academician Petro Pogrebniak a representative office of the National Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in Ukraine was opened. 

Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra is interested in cooperation with NULES foto

July 13, 2015

 The representatives of leading Ukrainian university interested in active cooperation 

Under the program of double diplomas the Warsaw University of Life Sciences hosted the first defense of Master's papers foto

July 9, 2015

     July 8, 2015, the TSI of Energy, Automation and Energy Saving became a landmark date for summarizing international cooperation of our University and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – the first and successful defense of a Master's thesis "Application of tracking algorithms using PI-regulators to operate the helicopter system" under the 

Canadian Bureau for International Education proposes to commercialize the scientific portfolio foto

July 7, 2015

     On July 6, 2015, the meeting with a representative of the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), namely Business Development Manager Melissa Payne. During the meeting a project was presented. 

For training to the Prague University of Life Sciences foto

July 6, 2015

     Discussion of the areas of cooperation with the Prague University of Life Sciences was the main theme of the delegation of the University in Prague. 

Rector signed an agreement on cooperation with the Mendel Czech University foto

July 3, 2015

     On July 1, within the visit to Slovakia and the Czech Republic the NULES delegation was staying in the city of Brno where its members visited the Mendel University. 

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