Erasmus + in action. Preparing for the implementation of an exchange program in cooperation with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences foto

December 1, 2016

     On November, 30 Geir Loe (Geir Löe) came to our university on a business trip from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), to consider issues of cooperation between the two universities in the framework of Erasmus +. 

A student of Agrobiological faculty, Tetyana Petrovych brought a bronze medal of European Championship in boxing foto

November 29, 2016

     European championship in boxing took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on November 14-24. 120 sportswomen took part from 29 countries took part in it. Master of agrobiological faculty, master of sports of Ukraine Tatyana Petrovych took the bronze in the weight class of 69 kg.  

European project «Food for Future»: in partnership with Wroslaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences foto

November 19, 2016

     Last week a university delegation headed by rector Stanislav Nikolaienko attended celebrations dedicated to 65th anniversary of this Polish university at the invitation of rector of Wroslaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences Tadeusz Tsishke. 

Freshman of the faculty of Animal Sciences and Water Bioresources Ilona Rososhchyk: to become a successful business woman one should go through all stages of the production process foto

November 18, 2016

     Our interviewer today is a student of the faculty of animal sciences and water bioresources Ilona Rososhchyk who entered National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine giving our university the priority and dreams about her own business of producing and processing animal products. 

«Chemical show»: an interesting science can do magic foto

November 17, 2016

     On November 15 students of the faculty of veterinary medicine, agrobiological faculty , the faculty of plant protection, biotechnology and ecology as well as high school students from the lyceum of ecology and life sciences saw Chemical show which had been prepared by the teaching staff of the department of organic, physical and colloid chemistry. 

Enhlish week at our University foto

November 16, 2016

     2016 was proclaimed a year of the English language in Ukraine so teaching faculty and students of National University of Life and Environmental sciences of Ukraine supported this idea and organised English week. 

Students of Faculty of Livestock Raising and Water Bioresourses: training in Slovakia foto

October 18, 2016

     National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Slovakia University of Agriculture in Nitra and International net AgroBioNet have long good cooperation. 

25 years of cooperation: a memorandum on cooperation between NUBIP and University of Pennsylvania (the USA) has been prolonged! foto

October 11, 2016

    October 11, 2016. On this day the guest of our university was dean of College of Agricultural Sciences of University of Pennsylvania doctor Richard Roush. He was accompanied by Yurii Bihun, a WIRA coordinator, a program which supports agriculture. 

Our University is establishing cooperation with Republic of Sierra Leone foto

October 13, 2016

     October 13. The delegation from Republic of Sierra Leone visited our university. The delegation is headed by Patrick Monty Jones, minister of agriculture, forestry and food safety of this country. 

Our university has signed an agreement with Shenyang Agricultural University foto

October 12, 2016

    National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and Shenyang Agricultural University have signed a framework agreement on cooperation based on the Concept «One zone, оne way», which was initiated by head of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping. 

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