Kick-off meeting of «Ukrainian Farm Management Data» Project!

November 5, 2018

     The Kick-off meeting of Project “Ukrainian Farm Management Data” took place on the 30th of October at NUBiP of Ukraine. The project supplements the ongoing Erasmus+ project “From Theoretical-Oriented to Practical Education in Agrarian Studies/ TOPAS”. 

Baltic Surveying '18 is the biggest forum of land managers and geodesists of Eastern Europe

September 30, 2018

     Over the last decades, the most noticeable event for land management and geodesy community of Eastern Europe is International scientific and geodesy conference «Baltic Surveying», which is hosted by one of Baltic countries. 

Further cooperation with Warsaw University of Life Sciences

September 27, 2018

     Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko and vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, international activity and development Vadym Tkachuk, visited Warsaw University of Life Sciences. 

NUBiP of Ukraine has joined the Great Charter of Universities!

September 23, 2018

     September 18, 2018 leaves its mark in the history of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. This day rector Stanislav Nikolaienko signed the Great Charter of Universities in Salamanka (Spain). 

Future interpreters partake in an intensive course of the German language in University of Pardubice (Czech Republic) foto

September 18, 2018

     August 13 is the start of a two-week summer intensive course of the German language in Pardubice (Czech Republic). An international group from Czech Republic, Spain, Belarus, and Ukraine gathered together to improve their German. 

Olha Kravchenko: «My work is appreciated by Cabinet of Ministers. I am rewarded for the development of approaches of the evaluation of toxicity of nanomaterials and products of nanotechnologies»

September 15, 2018

    Five young researchers from NUBiP of Ukraine are holders of Cabinet of Ministers 2018 scholarship. Among them there is a teacher of the department of general chemistry, Olha Kravchenko. 

The department of exchange activity and trade is expanding their links with Agritel, a French company foto

September 14, 2018

     The number of Master students of the specialty «Entrepreneuship, trade, and exchange activity» increased more than twice in 2018. 

The department of farming and herbology: enhancing the cooperation with Socialist Republic of Vietnam

September 12, 2018

     Ukraine and Vietnam have long friendly ties. Current Vietnam is an agrarian country which is dynamically developing. 

International cooperation: Dr. Yan Chapek (Pardubice University, Czech Republic) is visiting Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy

September 10, 2018

     September 10. The second week of a new academic year has started. Yan Chapek from Pardubice University is visiting Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy. 

Uriadovyi Kurier: just about 200 thousand specialists got their education in one of the oldest university of Ukraine

September 8, 2018

    National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine turned 120 and started a new 121st academic year. 

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