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 The outcomes of researches conducted in National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

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Main focuses of applied researches
  • biotechnology, selection and seed production, soil science, plant growing, farming, organic production, plant production and quarantine
  • ecology and environmental protection, sustainable natural resources management
  • forestry, park gardening, wood processing
  • animal sciences and water bioresources
  • veterinary medicine
  • quality and safety of agricultural products
  • food technologies
  • agro engineering, energetics, automation and energy saving, information support
  • global and bio social economy, management of sustainable natural resources use, trade, financial management, development of rural territories, extension
  • land management and cadastre. Legal regulation of bio resources 

Organic production

  • scientific and methodological support of the organic production of products
  • the issue of production standardization and certification
  • laboratory testing (“from field to table”)
  • technologies of growing agricultural (including fruit and berry) crops
  • an adaptive system of controlling pests on arable land for organic farming
  • biological ways of pest control
  • biological ways of plant protection
  • eco toxicological evaluation of preparations in plant production

Bio technology and plant protection

  • biotechnology of growing useful plants (berries, chestnut, woody, flowers)
  • diagnosis and stop of the development of phyto pathogens of agricultural crops
  • a phytoncide method of the protection of flower, decorative, vegetable, agricultural crops 
  • the system of controlling harmful and useful insects of plants on covered soil
  • the system of biocontrolling of agrocynoses using entomopathogenic properties of Bacillus thuringensis
  • technologies of micro clonal growing and sanitation of highly productive berry crops and cloning chestnut in vitro to save from chestnut mining moth

Extracon. Innovative development

A multifunctional biological preparation for soil sanitation (natural combination of soil micro organisms), stimulation of plant growing and development, transformation of organic substances, cellulose material. It is certified for use in organic production

Achievements in plant selection

The following plant varieties have been created:
sowing pea (vegetable) «Marfed»;
maize hybrid «NUBISel»;
black currants «Yuvileina Sherenhovoho»;
raspeberry «Vidbirna»;
red currants «Olha»
The following varieties are being tested in State variety testing agency:
maize hybrid: «Krok», «NUBiSel»;
sowing pea (vegetable): «Olvist», «NATInau»;
spring rape «NUBiP-1»;
winter rape «Faradei»;
spring triticale «Marius»;
black currants «Leleka».
The introduction and selection of non-traditional berry and decorative crops
266 varieties
15 families
981 samples
Chinomeles, black apricot, sea buckthorn, rowanberry aronia, turf, etc.

Planting, gardening, vegetable growing, soil science

  • The use of bio resource potential of field crops when dicreasing the impact of stressful environmental factors (wheat, soy, maize, lentil, chickpeas, mustard, flax, coriander);
  • The development of technologies of growing fruit and berry crops (wild strawberries, currants, gooseberies);
  • Тechnologies of growing new vegetable crops (vegetable Vigna, trigonel, tetragonolobus, dolichos, vegetable bean, sowing parsnip);
  • Innovative methods of diagnosing of feeding and agrochemical support of growing agricultural crops;
  • Minimization of soil cultivating and Мінімізація обробітку ґрунту та nitrogen fertilizers

Animal science and fishing, food technologies

  • 25 components of feeding environments and canned food (minimization and complete exclusion of synthetic components and conservants);
  • a technological regulation of the production of diesel bio fuel from plant and animal fats at automated mini factories MSDP and the guide how to use them;
  • TU project Plants which are mobile for the production of diesel bio fuel;
  • a scientific and biological statement of regimes of exploiting waters to grow aqua crops;
  • the recipe of an experimental use of premixture for meat quails;
  • the recipe of soil mixture to inject chicken filet;
  • the technology of the production of canned ham using  brine of electroactivated water with compound transglutaminase;
  • the method of predicting the state of ichthyofauna, catching and identifying the limits for industrial fish catch from fishery waters 

Forestry and Park Gardening, Wood Processing

  • Аdaptive forestry governance;
  • Eastern European centre of fire monitoring and managing;
  • Accountancy of forest resources using distance technologies;
  • Methods to restore forest resources during the period of sustainable development;
  • Technology of the production of wood material from forestry waste (branches);
  • Scientific fundamentals of requirements for rational use of wood;
  • The optimization of forest and agrarian landscapes

Veterinary medicine

  • The use of stem cells in veterinary medicine (Centre of cell technologies);
  • An expert system “Mycotoxicoses of animals”;
  • The evaluation and management of biological risks in feeding;
  • Methods of prevention of people’s infection with pathogens of toxoplasmosis and non-consanguinity;
  • Preventive measures against violations of mineral metabolisms in cows using specific additives;
  • Clinical researches of therapeutic efficiency of medicines;

Agro engineering, energetics, automation and energy saving, information support

  • Mobile equipment which can be used in technical service of agricultural machinery;
  • Methods of technical service and repair of working elements of agricultural machinery;
  • Algorithms of optimization of utilizing hoisting-and-transport machines;
  • Consuming and energy generating management at agricultural enterprises using intellectual technologies (SmartGrid);
  • Seed processing in electric field of high voltage, optical X-ray, magnetic field;
  • New accumulators of heat energy using phase transforming heat accumulating materials;
  • Electrical and technological complexes to dry grain using induction heat generators;
  • The system of spreading national time scale using ІР technologies ;
  • The development and implementation of bio energetic systems;
  • An intellectual set of airy evaluation of the state of fields in order to use fertilizers rationally
Head of science and research department
Otchenashko Volodymyr Vitaliyovych
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