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In 2009 by the rector's order №909 September 30, 2009 was approved the new structure of pro-rector service for educational and scientific issues of informatization and telecommunication systems that manages information, hardware and telecommunication software of the University.

For work of hardware and software component is responsible rector's deputy Teplyk V.M. and engineering staff 21 staff member (center of computer technology and telecommunications systems, information center and software) and 5 staff units in ERI, for ICT in the educational process and organization of DE (the center of information and communication and distance technologies of learning center development and support of the site of NUBiP of Ukraine, television center) responsible the rector's deputy Glazunova O.G. and personnel 15 staff.

Provision of educational and scientific institutes by computers used in learning process, and increase the number of computer classes for study and independent work of students - is one of the main tasks of the prorector’s service of scientific and educational issues on informatization and telecommunication systems. At the end of 2009 the university computer park is very diverse and contain 2483 PC, part of which is located in the 40 computer classes.

Task of the University in 2010 with direct of introduction of information and communication technologies:

  1. Ensure the development of Ukrainian educational institute of information and telecommunication support of agricultural and environmental sectors of the economy through: the implementation of research projects jointly with the National Space Agency of Ukraine, Institute of Space Researches, Ukrainian Hydro meteorological Center, the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, MAP using remote sensing and GIS technology for solving tasks of agricultural monitoring; Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine to provide distance learning through the use of electronic technology consulting services of youth and rural population, participation in international projects GEO JECM and JRC EC; creation of electronic advice and support and working together with Ukrtelecom of Ukraine the system of electronic consultations, creating of geoportal of the University, further information content of the agroportal; creation of electronic database with electronic versions adapted to the educational process, ISO standards, the establishment of training center of professional development on the use of remote sensing and GIS technology in agricultural and environmental industries, providing training of teaching staff of the University on the use of ICT in teaching and research activities.
  2. Add information electronic educational community of NUBiP of Ukraine by electronic resources placed on training and information portal based on the platform Moodle (, Institutional repository (, Digital Library (, open agricultural encyclopedia (, video and audio (web-and audio-caste caste), ensure access of teachers and masters to the world electronic database of full-text scientific publications (AGORA, AGRIS, CARIS, URAN, CAB Abstr. and under.)
  3. Ensure development of electronic information infrastructure and educational space of the University by by optimizing campus fiber optic computer network, the introduction of mobile technologies in the learning process, increase computer work places for students
  4. Implement distance learning technologies for students of correspondence "Master" of all areas of training and "Bachelor", who are enrolled in basic istitute and training information and advice centers of NUBiP of Ukraine; online test students' residual knowledge RHEI and basic institution of NUBiP of Ukraine;
  5. Implement a system of electronic document circulation OPTIMA-WorkFlow to ensure operational control over the implementation of the decisions.
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