10 years of strategic partnership between the department of livestock and aquatic bioresources and the company «BRUNNTHALLER» foto

June 16, 2015

     On June 1-28, in accordance with the previously signed agreement on cooperation between the University and the Company «BRUNNTHALLER» (Czech Republic), students of the department of livestock and aquatic bioresources 

Board of Employers gives a helping hand to the University foto

June 12, 2015

      On June 12, the University held its first constituent assembly of the University board of employers. 

NULES of Ukraine – an active participant in the TEMPUS project «QANTUS – Frame qualifications in environmental sciences in Ukrainian Universities» foto

June 7, 2015

NULES of Ukraine is presented at a seminar in the framework of the TEMPUS project «QANTUS – Frame qualifications in environmental sciences in Ukrainian Universities" that was held at the University of Genova, Italy and the University of Pavia, Italy.  

Department of Information Technologies: international relations are becoming stronger foto

June 2, 2015

     On May 26-28, the instructors and students of the department of information technologies within the framework of cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences were participating in The Second International Conference on Digital Educa 

Visiting NULES – the Board of Rectors of Ukrainian and Turkmenistan Universities foto

June 1, 2015

     On June 1, within the framework of the 2nd meeting of the board of rectors of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and Turkmenistan, the University was visited by delegation of leaders of the Turkmen State University named after Makhtumkuli  

Happy Birthday NULES! The President Petro Poroshenko congratulated the University with its 117-th anniversary foto

May 29, 2015

     On May 29, NULES of Ukraine celebrated its 117-th birthday. Even a gloomy weather did not prevent from a festive event. 

Department of Agricultural Management is setting cooperation going with the University of Colorado (USA) foto

May 25, 2015

     Improving the quality of higher education and innovative development of research activities in this direction depends on the efficiency of establishing international relations through the exchange of experience in scientific and ed 

Establishing Cooperation with Greece foto

May 22, 2015

     On May 22, on the initiative of the Dean of Humanitarian and Pedagogical Department Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk the delegation of scientists, public figures and producers of Greece made a friendly visit to the University and Department. 

Professor of the Ohio State University Standly Thompson visited the Department of Economics foto

May 18, 2015

     One of the priorities of the program of developing the University "Holosiivska Initsiatyva 2020" is the expansion of international activities to ensure the competitiveness of our university in education. 

Deepening Cooperation with the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland) foto

May 15, 2015

     As part of implementing the University development program "Holosiivska Initsiatyva-2020" and the cooperation agreement, the delegation of Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland) headed by the vice-rector of the European programs and cooperation with economy Professor Zbigniew Osadovskyi visited the University. 

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