Implementing the Canadian-Ukrainian project “Development of grain cooperatives in Ukraine”

November 3, 2015

     On November 3, as part of the research component of the joint Canadian-Ukrainian project “Development of grain cooperatives in Ukraine”, NULES also beingits partner, a meeting on the prospects of cooperation development, the necessary changes in Ukraine and experience of Canadian partner organizations, was held.

     The participants of the meeting were vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, international activities and development – Vadym Tkachuk, Professors – Victor Tereshchenko, Tetiana Kaminska, Tetiana Balanovska, representatives of the dairy business development projects and the Canadian Cooperative Grain Project – Mr. Alain Plouffe, Director of International Program, “Socodevi”, - Martin Beaurivage, program manager of Dairy business development project, “Socodevi”, – Mr. Dan Ish, Coop & Mutuals Law Specialist, CCA, – Erin Mackie, Program Officer and Grain Project Coop Specialist at the Canadian Cooperative Association, guests from Dnipropetrovsk state university of agriculture and economics – Iryna Volovyk, Oleksandr Velychko, Vitaliy Tropin, Natalia Bondarchuk and Olga Chepets, Chairman of the Agricultural Advisory Service – Maksym Maksymov, manager of the Canadian cooperative grain project in Ukraine – Serhiy Kurdytskyi, manager of training and gender programs – Sofia Burtak, executive director of the association of cooperatives "Hospodar" – Oleksandr Shtefan.

     It is worth recalling that scientists of NULES of Ukraine have already received three grantsas part of the project, to conductresearch on entrepreneurial development, accounting and taxation of cooperatives.

Iryna Bilous

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