Legislation of EU: University instructors have learned the experience of creating a system of agricultural consulting

December 17, 2015

     Associate Professor of the Chair of Agrarian, Land and Ecological Law named after academician Yanchuk V.Z. Olena Hafurova, and senior instructor of the Chair of Agricultural Consulting and Service Olena Lokutova have returned from foreign internships. They took part in the workshop “Transfer of knowledge and experience in the implementation of Legislation of EU to create a system of agricultural consultations and sustainable rural territory development in Ukraine” in Riga (Latvia), that was conducted with the aim of training experts and consulting agents of agricultural sector of Ukraine and Latvia.



     The seminar, which was prepared on the basis of the Latvian Centre for Rural Consultation and Education, provided lecture course on the abovementioned topic, learning the experience of civilian communities’ work, including the Latvian Association of Rural Tourism “Lauku ceļotājs”, meetings with the central authority representatives - the Department of Rural Development Support and the Department of International Affairs and Strategic Analysis, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia.

     Listeners were able to get acquainted directly with the experience of agricultural producers, including milk processing factory and dairy cooperative PKS “Straupe”, small fish processing company SIA “Krupis”; they also visited the old homestead “Jaunieviņas” (1840), whose owners are engaged in organic agriculture and rural ecotourism.

     Representatives of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine had the opportunity to talk with the rector of the Latvian Agricultural University (Jelgava) Irene Pilvere, who told about training opportunities for foreign students.

Valentyn Obrambalskyi


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