Department of Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology of Animals


The department was established in 1940 in Kyiv veterinary institute and was called the department of breeding and special zoo-technology. The founder of the department was Professor Kravchenko Mykola Antonovych (1909-1986) who headed it until 1981.

In 1957 after joining to the Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences it was reorganized into the Department of agricultural animals breeding. In 2001 the department was named after M.A. Kravchenko.

In November 2005 the Department of Genetics and Animal Biotechnologies named after M.M. Kolesnyk was joined and it renamed to the Department of Animals Breeding and Genetics. In 2012 it was again renamed to the department of genetics, breeding and reproductive biotechnology of animals named after M.A. Kravchenko. Since 2015 it is called the department of genetics, breeding and biotechnologies of animals.

Since November of 2012 Sheremeta Viktor Ivanovych was appointed as the acting head of the department.

The founder of the department is Prof. M.A. Kravchenko, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, and Honoured Scientist of Ukraine. Scientific work is devoted to the elaboration of genealogical methods of selection, creation and use of high breeding animals, methods of reproductive crossing improvement and linear breeding.

In 1956 he was elected as the head of the department on agricultural animals breeding where he worked till the end of life.

In 1957 he became the first dean organized Zoo-technical Department.

M.A. Kravchenko created his scientific school. Among M.A. Kravchenko’s followers are more than 20 doctors and 80 candidates - leading scientists in the field of breeding of agricultural animals. He is the author of 254 published scientific works, including 6 textbooks for students of agricultural universities and 7 monographs. 5 cattle breeds were founded on the basis of M.A. Kravchenko’s doctrine. They are the Ukrainian, Volyn and Polissia of meat direction, red-and-white and black-and-white of dairy productivity.

The department was headed by:

Kravchenko M.A., d. a. s., Professor (1940-1981)

Vinnychuk D.T., d. a. s., Professor, corresponding member of NAASU (1981-1989)

Maiboroda M.M., c. a. s., Associate professor (1989-1991)

Tymchenko O.H., d. a. s., Professor (1991-1998)

Zubets M.V., d. a. s., Professor, Academician of NAASU (1998-2001)

Melnyk Yu. F., d. a. s., Academician of NAASU (2001-2005)

Sakhatskyi M.I., PhD, Professor, Academician of NAASU (2005-2010)

Dzitsiuk V.V., d. a. s., PhD (2010 - 2014) 

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