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head of the department of physical education:
Mykola Petrovych Kostenko

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, master of sports of Ukraine of international class in mini-football


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Specialty 017 "Physical culture and sports"

Educational degree "Bachelor"


Today it is impossible to find any sphere of human activity that is not related to physical culture, since physical culture and sports are universally recognized material and spiritual values of society as a whole and of each person individually.

In society, physical culture is an important means of "raising a new person who harmoniously combines spiritual wealth, moral purity and physical perfection." Outstanding physiologist P.K. Anokhin noted: "I see the mass development of physical culture and sports as one of the best options in the fight for human health, creative activity and longevity."

Abroad, physical culture and sports at all levels are a universal mechanism for improving people's health, a way of human self-realization, self-expression and development, as well as a means of combating antisocial phenomena. That is why there is a steady trend of increasing the importance of physical culture in society all over the world, which manifests itself in:
in increasing the role of the state in supporting the development of physical culture, public forms of organization of activities in this area;
in the wide use of physical culture in the prevention of diseases and strengthening the health of the population;
in extending the active creative longevity of people;
in the organization of leisure time and in the prevention of antisocial behavior of young people;
in the use of physical education as an important component of moral, aesthetic and intellectual development of a person;
in the involvement of the able-bodied population in physical exercises;
in the use of physical culture in the social and physical adaptation of the disabled, orphans;
in the growing volume of sports broadcasting and the role of television in the formation of a healthy lifestyle;
in the development of physical culture and health and sports infrastructure, taking into account the interests and needs of the population;
in various forms, methods and means offered on the market of physical culture and health and sports services.

Physical education, physical culture and sports are the most economically beneficial and effective way to prevent diseases, strengthen the gene pool, increase the potential of labor resources, psychophysical health, increase the welfare of the population and solve other social problems. The demand and popularity of the sport is fully justified. After all, sport is not only self-organization and discipline, health and youth, an element of culture and lifestyle - it is life itself, moving forward!

Studying in the educational program of the specialization "Physical culture and sport" involves the acquisition of theoretical and/or practical knowledge, abilities, and skills related to the organization of sports training, conducting lessons in physical culture, physical culture and sports activities; management of subjects in the field of physical culture and sports, involvement of various population groups in physical culture and sports; prevention of diseases and injuries, provision of pre-medical care, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A specialist in physical culture and sports can work in the system of educational institutions, children's and youth sports schools, sports clubs, travel agencies, fitness centers, health care facilities, public organizations.

A specialist can hold the following positions:
sports coach (federation, national or club team, sports school, etc.);
sports coach-teacher (sports school, section);
coach-methodologist of the sports school;
trainer-methodologist of the training complex (hall);
fitness trainer.

Choosing the "Physical Culture and Sports" specialty at our university, you will not only gain theoretical knowledge in this field, but you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience and sportsmanship in various sports, because we have teachers of the highest sports level.ф

Among the teachers of the department of physical education are 2 professors, 1 doctor of philosophy, 2 candidates of sciences, 1 honored coach of Ukraine in sports orientation, 3 coaches-teachers of the highest category (weightlifting, kettlebell sports, orienteering), 1 coach-teacher of the first categories (basketball), a coach with a "B" license - a UEFA double in futsal, 1 licensed coach of the "A" category of the basketball federation of Ukraine, 2 coaches of national teams of Ukraine (kettlebell sports, beach soccer), 5 masters of sports of Ukraine of international class (basketball , mini-football, kyokushin karate, athletics, kettlebell sports), 5 masters of sports of Ukraine (weightlifting, volleyball, radio sports, orienteering, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics), 1 sports judge of the international category (kettlebell sports), 3 sports judges national category (basketball, all-around, sports orienteering, sports radio direction finding). These are specialists who themselves were able to achieve success - they will be able to teach you too. The national teams from various sports of our university, led by them, are leaders not only in student sports, but also take prizes at the national and international level.
The best student-athletes of NUBiP of Ukraine are winners and prize-winners of the world, European, and Ukrainian championships in various sports: Oleksandra PARKHOMENKO - honored master of sports of Ukraine, three-time world champion in sports radio direction finding, Viktor RATOSHNYUK - master of sports of international class of Ukraine, two-time world champion in military of all-around sports, Mykhailo SYATYNYA - bronze medalist of the World Horting Championship, Marianna VOYTENKOVA - master of sports of Ukraine of the international class, the first Ukrainian sportswoman to be a European champion in kyokushin karate, Tetyana PETROVYCH - bronze medalist of the European Boxing Championship, Galina KRYVUSHENKO - champion of Ukraine in weightlifting, Artem DEREV`YANIK is the champion of Ukraine in kettlebell sports among students and others.

Therefore, if you are still faced with choosing your future - do not hesitate!

At NUBiP of Ukraine, the training of specialists in the specialty "Physical culture and sport" is carried out for the educational degree "Bachelor" according to the state order and under the terms of the contract.

Form of education: full-time. Study period: 4 years.
Entrants to the "Physical Culture and Sports" specialty submit the following documents:
admission application;
a document on education and an appendix to it;
4 color 3x4 size photos;
a copy of the passport;
a copy of the identification code assignment certificate;
medical certificate form - 086;
ZNO certificates:
For state-ordered studies: Ukrainian language (mandatory), biology (mandatory), creative competition (mandatory).
For training under a contract (at the expense of individuals and legal entities): Ukrainian language (mandatory), biology (mandatory), creative competition (mandatory).







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