Department of Organisation of Entrepreneurship and Exchange Activities


Orientation specialty "Enterprise Economics" and "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity"

Chair of Entrepreneurship and Stock Exchange Organization Invites to study in the specialty "Enterprise Economics" and "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity" for full-time and part-time studies

 Our department is a division of the leading national research higher education institution in the field of biotechnology, nature conservation, food security with more than a century of history, which in 2017 was ranked among the top ten universities in the country according to the rating "TOP-200 Ukraine".

The Department of Organization of Entrepreneurship and Stock Exchange operates within the Faculty of Economics, has a high scientific and pedagogical potential, is a graduate of training specialists in educational and qualification levels Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the specialty "Enterprise Economics" and "Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities".

The teaching work is provided by 15 employees of the department, of which 1 doctor of sciences, professor, 9 candidates of sciences (8 associate professors and 1 assistant) and a senior laboratory assistant.

The educational process is fully provided with educational and methodological literature prepared by the staff of the department.

Every year, students go through manufacturing practices in the business structures of the agro-industrial complex of the country and abroad - in Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, the USA, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Austria, Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland.

The courses are taught in Ukrainian and English.

The department prepares specialists of the Master's degree program in the specialty "Enterprise Economics" according to the programs:

Designing business activities in agroindustrial complex (research direction)

Business planning of business activity in agroindustrial complex (industrial orientation)

Organization of production services in agroindustrial complex (production direction)

Choosing our university, in particular the Faculty of Economics in the specialties "Enterprise Economics" and "Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities", you will get the following advantages:

-  Opportunity to study at international master's programs at universities in the USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, and upon graduation to receive a "double diploma" from a partner university.

-  Work placement in high-tech agribusiness enterprises and other business structures, where employment usually takes place.

-  Accommodation in a campus located near the cultural center of the capital in the green zone - the only in the metropolis of the national nature park "Goloseevsky". There are also a scientific library, student canteens, a health resort, a sports complex, a stadium, apiary, a stable and a botanical garden near the campus.

-  In addition, the university has developed infrastructure: convenient transport interchange, central bus station, racetrack, V. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, entertainment and shopping centers, supermarkets, cinemas, cultural and art establishments.

The staff of the department constantly cooperate with schools, lyceums and colleges, informing the students about the benefits of obtaining an economic education at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

Meetings with the graduates of the 2017 Economic Branch of the KVNZ KOR “Boguslav Humanitarian College. IS Nechuy-Levitsky »


Meeting with students of the 11th grade of the Boguslav Secondary School I-III degrees №2


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