Department of Organisation of Entrepreneurship and Exchange Activities


Priority directions of scientific research of the department:

 - functioning and development of agricultural markets;

- effective functioning of business structures in the agricultural sector;

- development of legal forms of economic management in agriculture;

- improvement of the economic mechanism of management in agroindustrial complex;

- business planning of entrepreneurial activity in the field of agriculture;

- development of recommendations on the effective formation of supply and demand in the markets of the main types of livestock products;

- development of land relations and efficient functioning of enterprises in agriculture;

- development of entrepreneurial activity in agriculture and its efficiency;

- development of agricultural forms of agriculture in the agricultural sector and efficiency of their production activities.

The department provides training of higher qualification through doctoral and postgraduate studies. The preparation of doctors and candidates of sciences in the specialty: 08.00.04 - "Economics and management of enterprises (by types of economic activity)".

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