Department of Organisation of Entrepreneurship and Exchange Activities


     The Department of Organization of Entrepreneurship and Stock Exchange conducts educational, methodical and research work, training of scientific and pedagogical staff and educational work among students.

      During 2009-2018 the department published a textbook and 2 manuals with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. During this period 6 theses for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences were prepared and defended. The accreditation of masters in a specialty "Economics of the enterprise" was successfully passed.

The research work of the department is aimed at solving actual problems of organization of agribusiness, functioning of markets of livestock products. Since 2010, the department has conducted scientific research on the topics: "Business planning of business activities in the field of agriculture" and "Develop recommendations for the effective formation of demand and supply in the markets of the main types of livestock products." Since 2013, researches on the topic “Study and develop proposals for improving the quality and competitiveness of livestock (poultry and poultry) products in Ukraine” continue. Teachers and postgraduate students of the department annually make their speeches at International Conferences. As a result of scientific research, 10 articles have been published in International Journals and 5 monographs, and 5 recommendations have been developed that have been accepted for introduction into production by agricultural enterprises.



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