Separated subdivision NULESU «Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute»

International activity

     The work with foreign partners is held in the following spheres:

-          the education of the students and the teachers abroad;

-          the internship of the students and the teachers abroad;

-          the scientific cooperation in the area of biogas production;

-          manufacturing cooperation in the problem of biogas plants;

We cooperate with Vienna University in the sphere of using the straw and other cellulose and lignin substrates for biogas production.

     Alongside with Schtierl (Krakow an See, Germany) and Dubec Ltd.(Germany) we hold the collecting and the analysis of the documents to design the biogas plants at Kozliv distillery and Kozliv sugar plant.

     International scientific cooperation:

 Swiss Institute of Biological Agronomy (Frik)

-          the problem of biological and biodynamic management in Ukraine;

The Institution of Agricultural Energy and Ecological Technology of Vienna University of Culture and Agronomy

-          the problem of conversion of biological raw material to biogas production;

The State Research Centre in Viselburg (Austria)

-          the problem of using alternative fuels and renewable energy;

Engineering and technical school in Zollikofen (Switzerland)

-          the problem of renewable energy manufacture and usage

Gartmoor Dubec Economical and Structural Partnership Ltd. in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern federal land in Germany

-          two-way group project of the renewable energy;

-          the preparation of the pilot project of building the scientific, educational and experimental biogas plant in West Ukraine and the program of qualification of Ukrainian experts

   The students gain practical skills at Swiss, Austrian, Canadian, American, Danish, Dutch and English farms. During the decade of cooperation over 400 students and teaching staff passed the internship abroad. 

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