Separated subdivision NULESU «Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute»

Research activity

   Research activity at the institute is conducted by the research and teaching employees, staff researchers, Ph.Ds, postgraduates, researches and students.
   Organization of research activities is carried out through research sector, research laboratories, offices of patent information work and translators. The tasks of these units include:

  •  Organizing and conducting researches involving teachers and students;
  •  Ensuring the interaction of research and teaching activities;
  •  Information support for research and innovation activities;
  •  Providing links to production, introduction of promising scientific developments and inventions to

the manufacture and learning process.
   Over the past three years, research were carried out:
according to the complex topic of "Development of scientific and information support of sustainable
development of rural areas of Western Ukraine" number of state registration №0108y008826;
themes for the initiative - 22;
students on the subject - 3, postgraduate students and researches - 38.
   The main directions of the research are:

  • Evaluation of the sustainable development potential of rural areas of Western Ukraine:
  •  use of by-products of agriculture and processing industry for the production of biogas, electric and heat energy, and also, organic bio-fertilizers;
  •  improvement of means of bioenergy technologies and resource saving technologies of agribusiness;
  •  introduction of organic farming in a western region;
  •  cultivating of ornamental plants;
  •  Socio-economic development of rural areas;
  •  formation of the spiritual and cultural environment of rural areas;
  • Ecological safety of the countryside.

   Currently there are four teaching and research laboratories:

  • biogas technologies,
  • technical means of bioenergy in agriculture,
  • organic farming,
  • energy-saving technologies.

   At the Institute there were conducted 12 scientific-practical conferences and seminars. In particular, in the last 3 years there were organized 2 international scientific-practical conference "Environmental Aspects of protection of soil fertility and the environment" and "Actual problems of innovative development of education, science, manufacturing", Research Workshop "Energy production from biomass" with international participation (Austria, Germany).
   In 2011 in the research work 204 students participated, 23 students participated in national scientific conferences.
The members of the research laboratory of biogas technology conduct researches of methods of mechanical, thermal, chemical and barometric effects on straw in its preparation for the anaerobic digestion of the destruction of lignin-cellulose complex, yield and quality of biogas. Established are effective combinations of straw and wastes of alcohol, sugar and milk production, and modes of previous preparation of substrates.

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