Separated subdivision NULESU «Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute»

Material and technical base

   The Institute has in its composition:
• 7 educational laboratory buildings of the area 14 098 m2;
• 28 classrooms;
• 40 laboratories;
• 12 lecture auditorium;
• 2 cabinets of degree and course design;
• 22 computer classes;
• Information and Publishing Center, equipped with copying and duplicating machines;
• training and production workshops with sections: metalwork, welding, turning, joiner, blacksmith repair of automotive engines, electric motors, fuel equipment, motor vehicles;
• service station for cars and tractors;
• autotractordrom;
• sports complex;
• library with a reading room with 120 seats;
• student’ club;
• two hostels;
• student’ cafe;
• assembly hall.
    Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with modern facilities, computerized audience - modern multimedia facilities, an electronic database of educational and methodical complexes. Teachers widely use advanced learning technologies that provide high quality training.
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