Separated subdivision NULESU «Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute»

Department of humanitarian education, upbringing and student rights

   Management of the department is carried out by the head of the department of humanitarian education, upbringing and student right Zaychuk Volodymyr Mykolayovych.
   The main objectives of the department are:
coordination of all departments and business training process, providing practical assistance and monitoring the activities of the student government; formation of national consciousness and dignity of future citizens of Ukraine; formation of artistic and aesthetic outlook of students, improving the creative personality;
development in the minds of the students respect for the rule of law and legality, the formation of their legal culture and a positive attitude toward the rule of law, nurturing the ecological culture of personality;
nurturing spirituality of the Ukrainian nation, the formation of a student's personality based on Christian morality, kindness, humanity, compassion, honesty, hard work, the formation of students' skills of a healthy lifestyle, upbringing physically healthy and spiritually developed personality.
   The ideal education of today's students must be harmoniously developed, highly educated, creative, legally aware, socially active and nationally conscious people. Therefore, the main problems, at the solution of which the department works, are:
cultivation of the best features of the Ukrainian mentality: respect for the history of the native people, love for the native land, diligence, desire for freedom, respect for women;
creating conditions for free development of personality, their thinking and general culture, attracting students to different kinds of creativity;
active promotion and implementation of the principles of a healthy lifestyle among students and employees of the institution, systematical struggle with bad habits, notably tobacco and alcohol abuse, promottion care and respect to their own health among students.
Some function in the educational work belongs to the student self-government institute.
student council aims its activity at improving the educational and upbringing process, directed
on delivering quality training, education of spirituality and culture of students, increasing social
activity and responsibility among student youth.

   Student Council annually conducts many cultural and spiritual activities, including the most notable:
"KVN", student scholarly conferences, "Cossack's fun," karaoke. Day of Solidarity with the HIV-
infected, the annual beauty contests and promotions on the day of St.. Nicolas.
Student Council is working closely with the administration of the Institute, always helps in the
organization of various activities.

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