Separated subdivision NULESU «Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute»

Educational activities

   Educational activity is aimed on qualitative preparation of high-skilled specialists, adapted to modern educational level and the requirements of labor market.
   The main directions of the Institute educational activities are:
- improvement of specialists’ preparation system degree, further integration of the Institute with the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine on the questions of educational and scientific work;
- further improvement of organizational and methodological support of educational process, creating of electronic variants of educational-methodological complexes in different disciplines in the “Moodle” program and electronic library;
- improvement of methodological support of individual students’ work and monitoring of the quality of theoretical knowledge and practical skills and abilities;
- introducing of distance learning system at the extramural department;
- introducing into the educational process of new forms ( pedagogical science, active methods of education, computerization of educational process);
- ensuring collaboration with employers, preparation of specialists on individual core curriculum according to the requirements of customers.
   Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute as the Higher Educational Institution with III level accreditation is entitled to train specialists for the following educational qualifications:

1. “Specialist”
Mechanization of agriculture
Energetics of agricultural production
Economics of enterprise
Accounting and auditing

   The term of education is 1 year on the base of diploma of “Bachelor”.

2. “Bachelor”

Processes, machinery and equipment of agroindustrial production
Power engineering and electrotechnical systems in agroindustrial complex
Forestry, park and gardening management
Economics of enterprise
Accounting and auditing
Ecology, environmental protection and sustainable development

   The term of education is 3 years and 9 months on the base of the document about full general secondary education (11 Form pupils).

3. Junior Specialist

Mounting, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment in agroindustrial complex
Exploitation and repair of machinery and equipment for agroindustrial production
Green construction and horticulture
Economics of enterprise
Applied ecology
Maintenance of computer systems and networks
Maintenance and repair of cars and engines

   The term of education is realized on the base of general education (9 Form pupils)
or full general secondary education (11 Form pupils).

   Also the training of skilled workers is based on such trades:

Operator of Computer Systems
Drivers of “B” and “C” categories
Tractor-driver of the “A” and “B” categories
Manager Secretary

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