Department of Beekeeping

Scientific work

      Scientific activity of the Department is aimed at studying the genealogical structure of of horses thoroughbred Orlov Trotter breeds, polymorphic blood systems of Shetland pony and milk production of Novoalexandrovsky draught breed mares, breeding of queen bees and their instrumental insemination, to prevent mating with drones of unknown origin, the technology for collecting pollen and comb honey production. There takes place a work in selection and reproduction aimed on breeding of Ukrainian Khmelnitsky population bees, development of breeding type “Khmelnitsky”, and implementation of improvement methods for bee colonies productivity.
      The Department has a scientific student activities in horse breeding and beekeeping, that were appreciated by I and II degree certificates on the student festival of science. According to the results of scientific research, the students made presentations at intramural, interacademic and national conferences, won prizes and corresponding rewards. They have published more than 20 scientific works in specialized journals.

The Department staff research work is conducted in the following areas:

- Management, economics and marketing in the modern horse breeding

- Mare's milk production technology

- Breeding, conservation and improvement of Shetlands horse breeds in Ukraine

- The improvement of horse breeding of thoroughbred saddle horses in accordance with European standards

- Breeding and reproduction of farm animals

- The mineral nutrition of farm animals

            - Substantiation of selection features and activities to improve the performance of the Ukrainian bees

In accordance with directions of scientific work were published scientific and practical recommendations:

- Scientific and practical recommendations on the maintenance of the automated system of Central registration in pedigree horse breeding of Ukraine (S. A. Osadchiy, 2008).

- Scientific and practical recommendations for improving the system of thoroughbred saddle horses breeding in Ukraine according to European standards (S. A. Osadchiy, Gopka B.M., 2010).

- Scientific and practical recommendations for improving reproductive ability of trotting mares (jointly with the Department of therapy of the veterinary medicine faculty) (Gopka B.M.)

- Scientific and practical recommendations for cryopreservation of stallions semen (Goncharenko I. V., 2012).

- Scientific and practical recommendations for the use of the linear scale and weight growth of Shetland pony young breeder in determination of integrated assessment (Glushak I. I., 2013).

- Instrumental insemination of queen bees (to avoid pairing them with drones of unknown origin).

- Technologies of pollen gathering and comb honey production.

            - Breeding and reproduction the Ukrainian Khmelnitsky population bees.



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