Employees of the Department

Head of the Department of horse breeding and beekeeping
Mykola G. Povoznikov


     Doctor of Science in agriculture, academician of The Higher Education Academy of Sciences in Ukraine. He  has been working at the NULES since October 2014: as a Professor of the Technology in poultry, pig and sheep breeding department, since January 2015 – a Professor of the Department of Animal Biology.

   Dr. Povoznikov has graduated from the Faculty of  zoo engineering of The Agrarian and Egineering University in Podilya. He has worked as a head of stockbreeding department of the Kotovskyi state farm in Khmelnytskyi region (1989-1991), Junior Research Fellow (1991-1992), assistant (1992-1997), docent of the Department of animal feeding (1997-2007) and as a dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology in The Agrarian and Egineering University in Podilya. At the same time (2007-2014) he worked as a Professor of stockbreeding production technology at the same university.

   Dr. Povoznikov defended the Ph.D. candidate dissertation in 1996 for specialty 06.02.02 – animal feeding and feed technology and Ph.D. dissertation for the same specialty in 2007. In 1996 he was assigned the academic status of docent of the animal feeding and feed technology department, in 2008 – Professor of the stockbreeding production technology department.

    He is an author of more than 250 scientific works, including 15 monographs, manuals and tutorials. Dr. Povoznikov is also a creator of standard base curriculum for bachelor training in the course of the Technology of manufacturing and processing of animal products.

The main direction of his scientific activity is related to the enhancement of the technology of stockbreeding production, the creation of comfort conditions for stockbreeding, development of norms and regulations for planning stockbreeding complexes. Dr. Povoznikov has participated in the execution of scientific research work in 6 international projects, which are:

  • Canadian-Ukrainian project “STEP”;
  • “KOKRAN” – USA – Ukraine – Kazakhstan – Russia;
  • EU Tempus Tasis – “Management of stable chain of food production in Ukraine”;
  • Organization of advisory activity, Poland;
  • Environmentally friendly products manufacturing, Georgia;
  • Modern methods of beekeeping, Israel;

     He also teaches the “Technology of manufacturing and processing of animal products” discipline.

     Dr. Povoznikov was a member of scientific and methodical commission of The Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine and Ministry of education and science of Ukraine in the sphere of “The technology of manufacturing and processing of animal products”

     He has also trained one PhD.

    Dr. Povoznikov was awarded with honorary diplomas and gratitudes from executive authorities, Charter of honor from Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine (1999), Gratitude from Scientific and methodical center of agrarian education of Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine (2009), “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” insignia (2005), “Mark of respect” insignia (2006), medal of V.I.Vernadskyi “For merit in ecology” (2006), Medal of Honor of International Academy of Sciences in Ecology and Life Safety (2011).

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