Department of Beekeeping

Head of the Department:
Mykola G. Povoznikov

Doctor of Science in agriculture, academician of The Higher Education Academy of Sciences in Ukraine


        Department of horse-breeding and beekeeping was established according to the order No. 1446 dated December 25, 2014 by combining of two unique in Ukraine departments: department of horse-breeding, horse-keeping and livestock economics and beekeeping department named ofter V. A. Nestervodsky.

          Department of horse-breeding and beekeeping has the following objectives:

- to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge in horse-breeding, beekeeping, biology of horse, technology of beekeeping production, manufacturing process of livestock products, biology of honey bee, reproduction of horses, horse breeds, horse-keeping, beekeeping and b  e raising, etc. These subjects lie in the basis of further educational programmes for bachelor's and masters degree course in "Livestock production and processing technology";

- to support the educational process in order to fraine highly qualified specialists and scientific staft to work for enterprises and industrial complexes in production and processing of beekeeping products, stud farms and nucleus horse breeding farms;

- to conduct research and teaching, innovation, consulting, educational work, etc.

The teaching staff of the department includes:

doctors, professors - 4 persons,

candidates of sciences, associate professors - 7,

heads of laboratories - 2,

senior laboratory technicians - 7,

laboratory technicians - 7.

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