Department of Beekeeping


   Classes are conducted in laboratories of the Department. Educational research and production laboratory of horse-breeding was founded in October 1967 with the object of improving handling competence of specialists, students, who learn elementary skills of horse riding and equestrian sports. 18 horses of various breeds are kept in stable - Arabian, Thoroughbred horse and Ukrainian saddle, Orlov and Russian trotters, Tori, Latvian, Jutland horse and Shetland pony: 2 stallions, 17 mares and 20 foals of different ages, the sales profit of which amounts to150 - 170 thousand UAH yearly.







University laboratory "Goloseevskaya experimental apiary"

The laboratory is established on the basis of the Academic Council decision and according to the order of rector No. 880 dated04.11.1961.




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