Department of Beekeeping

Educational work

     The Department provides training of bachelors, masters and candidates of sciences.

     To support the educational process the Department has the full edition of state books in horse breeding of purebred and the Ukrainian saddle, Arabian, Akhal-Teke, Budennovsky, Russian don, The Trakehner, Orlov and Russian Trotters, Novoaleksandrovsky draught horse and Hutsul breeds, catalogs of stallions of the CIS countries horse plants (since 1961), instructions in judgment, keeping breeding records, regulatory acts for the identification and registration of animals, organization of competitions in dressage, show jumping and eventing, video materials and modern information technology.

Disciplines at the Faculty of livestock raising and water bioresources:

      Disciplines for EQL Bachelor

   - Beekeeping products manufacturing technology
               - Horse-breeding (full-time, part-time and accelerated study)

         Disciplines for EQL Master

- Biology of horses - Horse breeds

- Racetrack and sports trainings in horse-breeding

- Horse-keeping

- Reproduction of horses

- World genetic resources in horse-breeding

- Pure-strain stock-breeding of horses

- Biology of honey bee

- Technological equipment in apiculture

- Beebreeding and beekeeping

- Pathology of bees

- Honey resources and pollination of plants

- Production, storage and processing of bee products

- Management and marketing in apiculture

           Disciplines for EQL Bachelor on other faculties: Plant protection, biotechnology, ecology and agricultural biology

   – Beekeeping

      Veterinary medicine:

- Innovative technology of feeding, genetics and breeding of horses  

- Basics of beekeeping and technology of beekeeping products processing

       Economic, Agricultural management, Information technologies

   - Technology of livestock products manufacturing  and in National Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening

  - Non-timber forest products All disciplines of the Department were put in the basis of the drafted, reviewed and approved scientific-methodical complexes, published laboratory and practical course manuals, methodological developments and programs.

   - Biology of horses.

- Horse breeds.

- Reproduction of horses livestock.

- Horse-keeping

- Racetrack and sports trainings in horse-breeding.

- Productive horse-breeding.

- Horse-breeding economics.

- Horse-breeding.

- Beebreeding and beekeeping.

- Production, storage and processing of bee products.

- Quality and standardization of bee products.

- Biology of bee family.

- Technological equipment in apiculture.

- Management and marketing in apiculture.

Published: model programs, tutorials, workshops, guides






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