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Our way is to Europe, and to understand it, one should know key European languages (English, German, French, Polish). The department of foreign philology and translation of the faculty of humanities and pedgogy of NULES of Ukraine has always been the "bridge" to Europe, as students, studying languages, literature and culture of different countries, better understand the content of European freedom and education, gain deep philological knowledge of foreign culture, customs, traditions, mentality, original literature.
Since its foundation, the department of foreign philology and translation of NULES of Ukraine has been training highly qualified bachelors and masters in the specialty "Philology (translation)", who successfully work in the teaching realm, in translation agencies, in the sphere of tourism, in the media, in state bodies, national and cultural societies, private firms, enterprises with foreign investments, etc.
After receiving their diplomas, graduates of our department enter prestigious private and public European universities, write and defend scientific papers, and can officially find a job.
Some students after graduation from the Humanities and Pedagogy Faculty particular from our department, comes to state universities in Germany. They write research papers. They can be officially employed. For example, our graduates Usichenko Mary and Peter Muharovskyy studying at German universities.




Maria Usichenko - Master's student 1st year of study of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy, has chosen a program with Germanic additional specialization "Information" and "History and Culture of Latin America" in Bilefeldskomu University (Universität Bielefeld).


“It all depends of the willingness of students,” teachers say. Typically, the final year students looking for work au pair, which helps to settle in a foreign country, to improve the language and get useful contacts to enter into universities thence. For example, Julia Boyko actively realizes herself in Germany, working in preschools Aushilfe a Waldorf Kindergarten in Hamburg.


 Therefore, graduates from the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation actively work on their own professional development and improvement. Postgraduate Study at the T.Shevchenko University became good start to improve their skills in a scientific field for graduates from our department Anna Ostapenko.


For example, Julia Voznyuk – graduated from university in 2013, worked at the television channel "Ukraine". She enjoys writing poetry, she published a book of poems "Melody of Love" in 2016. Our graduates are very easy to work in the media, on television. After all writing about Europe and the world easier for those who know foreign languages.


Graduates from the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation can easily seize the world, during the existence of the department its graduates have become leading specialists at numerous enterprises in Ukraine.
For example, Ksenia Lypovych – graduated from university in 2013, is the leading expert specialist in EPAM Ukraine.


The Diploma of a philologist-translator opens the door to all spheres of public life, where not only humanitarian education is required, but also personal inner culture, intelligence, sociability, and artistic taste. The department of foreign philology and translation also prepares for professional growth in the scientific environment, lays the foundations for fluency in comparative and communicative skills, which contributes to the development and implementation of graduates in research activities. Daria Voronina-Pryhodiy – graduate of 2015 –works as a research associate of the laboratory of foreign systems of professional education and training of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, is a national expert on Accreditation of Qualification centers, and also participates in the implementation of international Erasmus+projects.


Yulia Zakatey – graduate of 2020 – started working as a translator of English and German while still studying. After graduating from the university, she continued to work in this field, successfully combining the work of a translator in a translation agency, a private translator for legal entities and an English teacher. Knowledge of languages made it possible to realize her most cherished dreams and visit China (she worked as an English teacher), Switzerland (accompanying translator), Germany and other countries.


Vyacheslav Annenkov – graduate of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy in 2020, studied in the specialty "German and second foreign language" (EL "Bachelor"). Now he is studying in the 2nd year of his master's degree at the Pomeranian University in Slupsk (Moscow). Slupsk, Poland), masters the specialty "German philology – German language in business and tourism". While studying at the NULES of Ukraine, he participated in the "Double diploma" program – he studied simultaneously at Ukrainian and Polish universities. After graduation, he received two bachelor's degrees (Ukrainian and Polish), thanks to which he entered the master's program at the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk without exams. During his student years at NULES of Ukraine, he was an active participant in international scientific and practical conferences, including foreign ones. He has repeatedly traveled to Germany and attended summer intensive German language courses in the Czech Republic.


Kateryna Yanyk – graduate of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy in 2022, Presidential Scholarship holder. She studied in the specialty "German and a second foreign language".
She has been working for more than a year in the project "Promotion of professional education in agricultural colleges of Ukraine " (FABU) from the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture of Germany (BMEL), which is implemented through ADT Project Consulting GmbH. At the same time, she works as a methodologist for the International cabinet of the state institution "Scientific and methodological Center for higher and professional pre-higher education". She applies all the acquired knowledge and skills (from translation to writing articles) in her work, performing very diverse duties. She often goes on business trips to Germany and Poland. She is engaged in dancing and sports, improves her knowledge of German and English, writes poetry, is interested in psychology and psychotherapy, history, mythology, political science, as well as everything related to agriculture and education, since these are the main areas of her work.

Maryna Skokova – graduate of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy in 2019, studied in the specialty "German and a second foreign language". Currently, our colleague is an assistant at the department of foreign philology and translation of NULES of Ukraine, teaching German and Polish. A graduate of the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (specialty "Polish Philology", 2019), she participated in the "Double diploma" program, studying semester-by-semester in Ukraine and Poland. After completing the program, she received a master's degree from NULES of Ukraine and a bachelor's degree from the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk.


Anastasia Povar – received a bachelor's degree from the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, majoring in German and a second foreign language, and is currently studying at the NULES of Ukraine for a master's degree in the same specialty. During her studies, she gained a thorough knowledge of German, as well as improved and consolidated her knowledge of English. She works in a private Lyceum as a teacher of foreign languages and in language courses (tutoring).

Olena Polishchuk – graduate of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy in 2022 – in her senior years, she started working in her specialty and connected her work with the German language. Holds a prestigious position in the cryptanalytic department of an international firm in Kyiv. Thanks to this fact, she has enriched her vocabulary with new economic terms and expanded her knowledge in a new field. In her work, Olena uses her knowledge of German and English acquired at the University. She often goes on business trips to European countries, so she is very happy that studying foreign languages and getting a diploma as a philologist-translator helped her realize herself.


Lyakir Kateryna – a graduate of the department of foreign philology and translation, in 2023 she completed a master's degree in English and a second foreign language. While still studying, she started working as an English teacher at an online school. The skills and knowledge acquired at the University helped to unveil herself as a translator at various events. Now she teaches English for children in a public school and is very happy that thanks to the Diploma of a philologist-teacher, she has such an opportunity!


Maryna Lytvyn – graduate in specialty 035 "Philology" (specialization 035.041 German languages and literatures (translation inclusive), first – English). Maryna studied French as a second foreign language and in her third year of university went on a language internship in France under the exchange program from NULES, where later, after successfully passing the DALF C1 test and entrance exams, she began studying for a master's degree at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale in the specialty "Technical translation and editing". Now Maryna Lytvyn works as a French language teacher at the school "French.etc".


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