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International academic mobility of students and lecturers of the department is realized through training under the "Double diploma program at the Pomeranian University in Slupsk (Poland); participation in the Erasmus+ project in cooperation with the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic); internships and training " practices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland.
Cooperation with foreign partners also takes place within the framework of international scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables; by organizing and holding cultural and educational events with native speakers.

Erasmus + academic mobility project
The Czech University of Pardubice is quite young – it was founded in 1994 – but it is already widely known for its scientific research and quality education both in the country, and abroad. Long-term cooperation of lecturers of the department of foreign philology and translation with the philological departments of the faculty of philosophy (former faculty of humanities) of this university became the basis for the Erasmus+ project (2020-2023). Students studying under the educational program "German and second foreign language" have the opportunity to study for one semester in Pardubice.

"Double diploma" in partnership with Pomeranian University in Slupsk
Students who study under the educational programs "English and second foreign language", "German and second foreign language" have the opportunity to study under the program "Double diploma" with the Pomeranian University in Slupsk, improve theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enrich life and professional experience, fill life with new emotions and achievements.



Cooperation with the "Friendship without Borders" Association and the France – Ukraine exchanges Federation
For many years, the department has maintained close ties with the French associations "Friendship without borders" (ASF) and the Federation "Exchanges France – Ukraine" (FEFU). As part of such cooperation, representatives of these associations annually came to the NULES of Ukraine to personally take part in the selection of students for internships and practical training. Recently, such events have been held in an on-line format.
The department of foreign philology and translation constantly promotes the French language at the university, supporting and developing cooperation with our French partners, concluding new cooperation agreements. In particular, thanks to the senior lecturer of the department Rudnytska N. A. an agreement was signed on cooperation and organization of relations between the Higher National Institute of agronomic, food and environmental Sciences (city of Dijon) and NULES of Ukraine.

Center for French-speaking education and culture

On November 6, 2018, a significant event took place for all connoisseurs of the French language: the Center for French-speaking education and culture was opened at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy. This holiday was attended by representatives of the embassies of France and Belgium, foreign universities and colleges, the Association of exchanges "Ukraine-France: Friendship without Borders". Business representatives – large French enterprises and large banks operating in Ukraine and in need of specialists who speak French – did not stand aside either. The creation of the Center for French-speaking education and culture was the result of previous developments in popularizing the French language, developing the mobility of lecturers and students, and strengthening ties with educational institutions at different levels of countries where education is conducted in French.

Sylvain Rigolet, scientific cooperation attache at the French Embassy in Ukraine, noted that the opening of the Center for French-speaking education and culture was another and far from the first step in the activities of the University and faculty related to cooperation with French universities. He sees great opportunities for implementing both separate bilateral programs and large-scale projects, in particular Erasmus+, on the basis of the center.

French language courses
Thanks to cooperation with French partners, intensive French language courses have become traditional, which are held annually on the basis of NULES during March. French instructors conduct classes in groups determined by the level of French proficiency – from beginners to advanced level. Based on the results of training, students of the courses receive certificates.

Polonistics Center
The result of many years of cooperation between our university and, in particular, the department of foreign philology and translation was the creation of the Polonistics Center on the basis of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy in October 2018. The first secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine Arkadiusz Kutek took part in the opening of the Center. He expressed his hope for further fruitful cooperation, creation and implementation of joint projects and events, delegates of the Wroclaw University of natural sciences, Warsaw University of life sciences and the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk, with whom the university has a long-term partnership. The chairmen of Polish cultural and educational societies and unions in the city of Kyiv also expressed their support and readiness for cooperation, as well as the representatives of Polish businesses and principals of schools with the study of the Polish language, because an integral part of the training of our students is their further employment.


It has become a good tradition to conduct intensive Polish language courses for all interested students and teachers of our university. In addition to the systematic study of the language at the permanent courses of the Polonistics Center, there are periodic intensive courses with native speakers, in particular, frequent guests are Doctor of sciences Karolina Bykovska from the Wroclaw University of natural sciences and Doctor of sciences Piotr Ganzazh from the Pomeranian University in Slupsk.



 International scientific and practical conferences
The department instructors take an active part in international scientific and practical conferences that take place in different countries.


Presentations at the International Conference "Interkulturelle und transkulturelle Dimension im linguistischen, kulturellen und historischen Kontext" (University of Pardubice), which is held every two years, have become traditional.

Participation in educational seminars of the Internationales Haus Sonnenberg training center (Germany)
The Internationales Haus Sonnenberg educational and methodical Center (Germany) holds educational seminars twice a year, the composition of participants of which is international.


Young people from different European countries come here to take part in discussions, workshops and other educational offers of the center. During the period of quarantine and martial law, seminars are also held online, and recently in a mixed format.

Participation in educational seminars of the Academy of Central Europe (Bad Kissingen, Germany)
Philology students take part in educational seminars and scientific and practical conferences held at the Academy of Central Europe in Bad Kissingen (Germany). They have the opportunity to listen to a number of lectures in German, take part in workshops, and then improve their communication skills in German.


Communicating with representatives of other countries, our students not only improve their knowledge of foreign languages, but also learn the peculiarities of other cultures, get acquainted with the traditions and customs of other countries, learn tolerance and master the ability of cross-cultural communication.

Summer language schools
Summer language schools at foreign universities have become a good opportunity to spend an interesting and meaningful vacation, because they combine language learning, translation trainings, excursions, communication and exchange of opinions with peers from other countries.

Guest seminars by foreign lecturers
Within the framework of international cooperation, students join lectures and seminars conducted by lecturers of foreign universities and practical translators. With interest, future philologists attend lectures by Professor of rhetoric at University College Roosevelt Michael Burke, work at trainings of German media translator Markian Ostapchuk, communicate at interactive lectures-conversations with associate professor of the University of Pardubice Jan Chapek, listen to the famous German publicist Winfried Schneider-Deters.

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