Department of Foreign Philology and Translation

Scientific and innovative activity


 In charge of scientific and innovative activity is Valentyna Strilets, PhD of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, associate professor of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation.
The goal of the scientific activity of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation is carrying out research in the sphere of linguistics, scientific and technical translation, methodology of teaching foreign languages, methodology of teaching translation, culture of professional communication, professional preparation of specialists at overseas universities.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department work on the initiative topic "Preparation and implementation of translation projects at institutions of higher education" (the head is Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Svitlana Amelina; state registration number - 0115U003298).
According to the results of the work carried out, the features of using the Phrase cloud platform for work and the form of translation projects were determined; the functions of participants of translation projects using the Phrase system are substantiated; the similarities and differences of the functionality of desktop and cloud systems used in translation projects are established.

The scientific potential consists of 26 scientific and pedagogical employees, including 4 doctors of science, professors, 17 candidates of sciences (PhDs), associate professors, and 5 senior teachers.

In 2023, on the authority of the results of scientific research one monograph, 32 scientific articles in specialized journals of Ukraine, 8 scientific articles in international scientometric journals listed in Scopus and Web of Science, and 6 articles in other international scientometric databases were published.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department conduct dissertation research on the theory and methodology of professional education and teaching foreign languages, topical issues of linguistics and translation studies. Over the past three years, 4 candidate theses have been defended. Associate professors Valentyna Strilets and Oksana Chaika are working on doctoral dissertations on the theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages and the theory and methodology of professional education, researching the problems of competence formation in written scientific and technical translation and multiculturalism and multilingualism of the training of foreign language teachers, respectively; senior teacher Inna Kononchuk is getting a scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy, conducting scientific research on the problem of professional training of translators at higher education institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany.



The department held international and all-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences:
March 30, 2023 - International Scientific and Practical Student Conference VI "The World of Languages and the Languages of the World".
May 17, 2023 – scientific and practical seminar "Innovative methodological trends: language, culture, business" with international participation.
April 26-27, 2022 - International Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Conference III "Language, Business and Law, Intercultural Communication: Today's Challenges", which was attended by more than 400 participants from 11 countries - Ukraine, Greece, India, Thailand, Nepal, Poland, the Czech Republic, Malta, the USA, the South African Republic, Colombia.
April 28-29, 2022 - International Interdisciplinary Conference III "Professional Languages and Brand-New Approaches to Their Teaching".


Supervision of students' scientific work is carried out by preparing them for participation in conferences, contests of scientific papers and scientific Olympiads. Student scientific research is carried out in scientific groups: "Explorer" (the head is PhD of philological sciences, Associate Professor Halyna Sydoruk), "Hallo, Deutschland" (the head is Senior Teacher Olena Piven), "Mes découvertes" (the head is PhD of pedagogical sciences, Senior Teacher Nataliia Rudnytska).




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