V.F. Peresypkin Department of Phytopathology

Scientific work

Scientific direction of the department dedicated to the study and practice solving actual problems of plant pathology: a study of environmental and biological properties micromycetes in agrobiocenoses, their role in the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases of plants, ecological basis of prevention and restriction of the most common and harmful diseases of crops, creating new sortoobraztsov winter and spring rape and winter wheat with group resistance to the most dangerous diseases, assessing the effectiveness of chemical and biological protection of crops from disease, study ecological and biological characteristics of pathogens of cultivated mushrooms and develop measures for their protection, scientific study of measures to reduce damage plants toksynohennymy microorganisms .
Its main base for the fieldwork research and teaching staff of the department are OP NUBiP Ukraine "Agronomicheskaya research station" for laboratory - subject research laboratory of mycology and plant pathology.
Department prepares graduate students in specialty 06.01.11 - Phytopathology


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