V.F. Peresypkin Department of Phytopathology

Educational work

Faculty members of the Department carry out theoretical and practical training of students EQL "Bachelor" and OCD "Master" at the Faculty of Plant Protection and EQL "Bachelor" for Agrobiological faculty. Study subjects performed according to standard curricula developed by the Department involving professors from academic institutions Nano and biochemistry. Typical curricula adapted to the study programs of similar disciplines in universities Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

Courses at the Department of Phytopathology them. Acad. VF Peresypkin provided in laboratories silskospodarskoyi plant pathology, diagnosis of plant diseases and identification of pathogens, which are equipped with the necessary devices and equipment. While laboratory studies are widely used microscopic equipment, permanent and temporary agents pathogens of plants, herbarium specimens phytopathologic objects. Students have the opportunity to develop different methods of diagnosing diseases of crops, assess phytopathological of seeds deepen skills identify pathogens and to study their biological and ecological characteristics.


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